Revolut launches vacation home rental service with cashback to rival Airbnb

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Could the new Revolut Stays expansion mark the final step on the road to super app status?

Image source: Revolut.

Keep Airbnb and Vrbo away, Revolution expands its accommodation booking service with ‘Homes’.

The new Cash Back Vacation Home Rental feature adds to the app’s growing range of travel services, which already includes hotels, travel insurance and the original currency exchange.

The short-named service is among the similarly dubbed ‘Stays’, which have so far given users more than £1.5million in cashback worldwide.

Now users will be able to book vacation homes directly through the app with up to 4% cashback – depending on subscription level – with additional features such as group bill splitting.

“When it comes to travel, we know that our customers’ needs are changing more and more. Big or small, budget or candle, local houses or fancy hotels – our customers want to book any type of place, all in one place”, Revolution said general manager of lifestyle products, Christopher Guttridge.

“Whether it’s digital nomads working overseas, large families traveling together under one roof, or couples looking for a home away from home, we’re excited to add Homes to our awesome global app for offering hassle-free homes, hotels and hostels with effortless cashback.”

Currently available to customers in the UK and Europe, hundreds of thousands of holiday homes will be listed worldwide.

Whether you’re looking for pet-friendly homes or dedicated workstations, Revolution indicates that you will be able to filter whatever you need.

Given Airbnb’s hype, the “biggest change in a decade” has been adding categories when users search, perhaps Revolution Homes will provide the alternative vacationers are looking for when it comes to home rentals, especially with the added incentive of cashback.

We’ll have to wait and see if Homes can make a household name for itself.

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