Ridgewood is one of the coolest neighborhoods in the world

Three years after having appointed Astoria, Queens as one of the coolest districts in the world, we returned to Queens to top Ridgewood as the fourth coolest district of the world in 2022.

The designation is part of our annual Time Out index survey, in which more than 20,000 inhabitants of the world cities designate the coolest districts of their city. To arrive at the final ranking, our global network of local editors narrowed down the selections. Ridgewood nabbed the top spot as the coolest neighborhood in New York and the fourth coolest in the world (out of 51).

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Ridgewood arrived behind Colonia Americana in Guadalajara, Mexico (n ° 1), Cais Do Sodré in Lisbon, Portugal (n ° 2) and Wat Bo Village in Siem Reap, Cambodia (n ° 3).

Last year, Chelsea was named one of the 10 coolest neighborhoods in the world.

So what makes a neighborhood “cool”? It is certainly subjective, but in our mind, it is a neighborhood that has its own distinctive flavor which is accessible with good food and drinks, has a flourishing community and, although easy to cross, could be explored during a whole day or more. Moreover, it is an ideal area to live, visit and stay and mixes the best of old and new schools.

Photography: Lila Barth

Ridgewood certainly corresponds to this bill – it has the diversity and local vibrations of the Queens and the trendy offers of Brooklyn, in particular neighboring Bushwick. It is a mixture of old school and trend with a mixture of essentials, like Rudy’s Bakery and Gottscheer Hall, and new bars and lively restaurants like The Acre, Evil Twin and Outdoor Coffee. Yes, he changes like all New York districts, but he has kept his story intact with 10 historic districts and his sustainable mom-past stores.

We have deepened the way to spend a perfect day in Ridgewood with our neighborhood guide, which includes some of the best restaurants, shops and places to go.

But in case you want a quick summary:

Wake up to sunlight pouring through the windows at this near Bushwick Airbnb and grab a bagel and coffee at Norma’s Corner Shop. From there, you’ll want to scan the racks and shelves at OPC Purchase Sale Tradevintage forever, Topos bookstore and Tiny Arts Supply. Grab lunch and a flight to Evil Twin Brewing or a bite of the iconic Rollo’s. Take a walk along the historic district of Central Ridgewood (Madison Street up to 71st avenue and Fresh Pond Road to Ondondonk Avenue) and dine at the Porcelain and drinks at Julia’s.

Don’t miss the weekly Mister Sunday evenings at Nowadays: a space of 16,000 square feet which acts both like a charming backyard with hammocks and picnic tables and a hot spot in nightlife with dance and a solid selection of beers.

Find out which cities are on the list here and start planning your next trip!

Ridgewood Queens
Photography: Lila Barth

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