Safety Tip: Are You Making This Huge Wi-Fi Mistake?

You pay a lot of money for your internet service, so I understand the frustration of a slow connection. News flash: it’s not always your ISP’s fault. Here are the common Wi-Fi errors.

To receive guests ? They will want to access your Wi-Fi, but it’s a pain to give your ID multiple times. Get smart technology. Display a QR code in your home that automatically connects guests to your home network.

Now, if a hacker breaks into your home network, they can access your personal information. Should you set your home Wi-Fi network to public or private? The answer might surprise you.

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It’s not what you think

have your home Wi-Fi network set to private would be the safest setting, right? This is actually incorrect. But don’t let the sloppy terminology confuse you.

When you are on your home network and it is configured as private on your computer, your PC cannot be found by other devices connected to the same network. So, in this case, the public Wi-Fi setting is more secure than the private setting. Yes, you read that right!

If you want to share files or send documents to a family member at your home on the same network or on your home printer, you will need to set your network to private.


When the network is set to private, your printer will recognize and connect to your computer to receive the documents you want to print. Clear as mud, right?

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Let me summarize it again to be clear:

Private network: Use this setting only for networks that you control or trust. When a network is set to private, your PC is discoverable by other devices on the network. You can use it for file and printer sharing.Public network: Use it to connect to public networks, such as airport or hotel Wi-Fi. Your PC will be hidden from other devices on the network.

Did you know that your printer can be a gateway for hackers to wreak havoc? Here are five ways to lock down your printer.

How to change your network from public to private

If you need to share files, print or make your devices discoverable to each other, set your network to private.

Follow these steps on your PC and you’ll be good to go:

Right click on the Wi-Fi network icon at the far right of the taskbar. Select Open Network and Internet Settings.Find your Wi-Fi network and select Properties.To select Network profile.Picking out Private.

When you want to increase security, continue and return to the Audience option. Just follow the instructions above and when you get to the last step, select Audience instead of Private.

Note: This only applies to your home network. You are prompted to select Public, Private, or Work for each network you connect to. This choice is saved for this network profile.

Where you place your router is very important. Here’s a guide on where to place your router to get the best speeds.

Routers with network cables are seen during the Hackyeah hackathon in Warsaw, Poland, September 18, 2019. The Hackyeah hackathon is Europe’s largest stationary hackathon with around 2500 participants taking part in a nightly hacking competition and over 100,000 euros in prizes.
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