Saving Abel’s Scott Bartlett releases solo single

Scott Bartlett

“Sweeter Than Whiskey” available on YouTube and Spotify

Scott Bartlett, lead guitar “Saving Abel”

With his new single, Sweeter Than Whiskey, Scott Bartlett took a step towards another incredible achievement

I had never heard songs sound so much like hits before this included the work I had done”

—Scott Bartlett

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE, USA, April 8, 2022 / — Raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Scott Bartlett attended the prestigious Gilman School. He excelled in academics and was involved with the Glee Club, a quartet of barbers known as The Traveling Men, and he was also an athlete, notably part of their football program, which held the Division Championship title. 5 AAA its first year. In addition to studies and athletics, always finding unused hours on his schedule, he founded The Spirit Committee at Gilman and participated in three theater productions each year. Bartlett says his two favorite roles were Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar and Cyrano in Cyrano de Bergerac. He received the Faculty and Music Awards while attending Gilman. An additional fun fact – he was also the Maryland State Bench Press Champion.

Music was a major focus from an early age for Scott. Leading a band while in 8th grade, he quickly decided he wanted to learn to play the guitar and started taking lessons. This love and dedication to music continued during and throughout college, leading him on a twenty-plus year journey as a highly recognizable and accomplished artist.

Many of Bartlett’s classmates went on to attend Ivy League schools, but Scott knew he wanted his life to take a different direction. The city where Rock N’ Roll was born and the home of the Blues, Memphis – the place he still calls home caught his interest.

Bartlett attended Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee, where he earned degrees in classical guitar, composition, and finance. Never one to sit still, he wasted no time putting his knowledge into practice. He continued to tour with his own bands, teach music, and attend studio sessions. Despite his popularity, he still experienced the hardships that many musicians face and after several disappointing label deals that failed, he knew he might have to rethink his life plan. It was then that he was offered an internship opportunity at HBO on the East Coast. With other ways to create consistent, sustainable income not looking as promising as he had hoped, taking the job at the massive entertainment company seemed his best option. Needing to fund his return home, he took a studio session which led to an invitation to join the band he was recording for. In the grip of indecision; stability versus pursuing the dream, and perhaps most overwhelmed by his family’s extreme anxiety about letting an incredible opportunity slip away, he had a very difficult choice to make. He struggled with indecision, but ultimately one factor helped turn that hesitation into a commitment to the new group. Bartlett credits Grammy-winning producer and songwriter Skid Mills and his production of his guitar studio work that he had done pushing him to choose the music. He says: “You are always curious to know what it looks like after a session. So, I heard some of the music and I thought, is that ME on the guitar?! Skid was such a great producer and engineer. I had never heard songs sound so much like hits before it included the work I had done. Continuing, he adds, “I have chosen to roll the dice one more time.”

This leap of faith turned into a southern rock band Save Abel and they quickly gained popularity and fame with their first hit”Dependent”. They followed up that success by ranking the top five singles “18 Days” and “Drowning” from their self-titled debut album, Saving Abel.

Throughout his career as a touring artist, Bartlett has had the opportunity to partner with well-known brands such as Paul Reed Smith Guitars, Bogher Amps and Buckle. After mentioning these, he asked that “and Jägermeister for the party goers out there!” be added to this mixture.

Perhaps even more impressive than showcasing these partnerships would be to highlight his new business venture. Bartlett enthusiastically mentions his recent purchase of Young Avenue Sound, a one-of-a-kind recording studio in Memphis. Once the renovations are complete, the location will include not only a state-of-the-art recording studio, but also an Airbnb. He has also grown and diversified his personal brand by creating and independently promoting his own custom clothing line under The SB Creations umbrella.

Leading the life that most people dream of hasn’t been without its challenges, however. Touring takes its toll on even the fittest performers and in 2017 he suffered a near-fatal cardiac event, which resulted in the placement of a pacemaker to help regulate his heart rate. Always one to push forward and stay positive, he used his experience as an opportunity to launch Rock N’ Roll for Hearts, in partnership with Athletes for Hearts on the charity. Along with the launch of Rock N’ Roll for Hearts, he released the single “This Old Heart of Mine”.

Bartlett’s original music has been described as “resolutely southern rock” heavily influenced by his favorite band, The Allman Brothers Band. He says, “I’m a singer-songwriter who writes from experience, but to me, that all can be categorized as rock n’ roll. It’s because of the way I play the guitar.

In 2014, he released his first EP as a solo artist, followed by several independent releases as well as several tracks as part of a duo called “Mad Souls”. Her current single, “Sweeter Than Whiskey”, released in March, is quickly proving to be a fan favorite.

You can find more information and follow Scott Bartlett on social media.

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