Scary scam in Canada could affect your bank account

A woman in Canada is warning people about a creepy scam that is becoming increasingly common in the Ontario region.

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After nearly being tricked into giving up full and total access to her bank account, Saja Kilani tries to warn others about her experience so they don’t make the same mistake.

The situation happened in Toronto and Kilani detailed his experience via TikTok.

While walking down the street, Kilani was stopped by a teenager who needed help paying for a taxi. The boy told Kilani that the driver only took cards and only had cash on him. He reportedly offered to give Kilani the money if she offered her card to pay for the taxi.

The teenager showed her the money, and she accepted, handing her card to the driver.

But things got weird.

“He gave me my card, but I noticed it didn’t have my name on it,” Kilani said. “He says someone else.”

Kilani pointed it out to the driver and he reportedly replied, “Oh, did you see that?” before the teenager laughs and jumps into the car.

This scam has seen a drastic increase in the past month, and it can be easy to fall for it, especially when you see someone else has money on them to pay you back immediately, but it doesn’t. not worth losing your debit card.

Although the only known case of this scam involves carpools, people fear that it may start to involve other daily activities, such as buying something at a farmer’s market or paying for something at a gas station.

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