Scotland’s most expensive areas to rent on Airbnb revealed – and Edinburgh is NOT the worst

The most lucrative place in Scotland for homeowners to rent a spare room on Airbnb has been revealed by new research.

Fortunate Highlands residents can command an average of £77 per night, or £539 per week, for a room in their home.


New research reveals places in Scotland where landlords can make the most money on Airbnb.Credit: Alamy
Scotland's 10 most expensive Airbnb locations revealed


Scotland’s 10 most expensive Airbnb locations revealed

Next are Argyll and Bute, where the average price is £73 per night or £511 per week, and East Lothian at £69 per night and £483 for a week’s stay.

Edinburgh, where the local council has introduced a crackdown on Airbnb properties, was in sixth place with average rates of £64 for one night and £448 for a week.

The study, by garden furniture company Crown Pavilions, found that across Scotland, on average, people could expect to earn £349 a week from renting out their room.

It was made when people were looking for other ways to make money during the cost of living crisis seizing the country.

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Luke Dejahang, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Crown Pavilions, said: “In the midst of a cost of living crisis in Scotland, people are increasingly looking for alternative ways to generate income.

“Searches for ‘how to make money’ and ‘passive income’ are up 17% and 21%, respectively, from last year.

“The Scottish Highlands are one of the most scenic and rugged areas of Scotland, and are famous for their natural beauty, lochs and mountains, so it’s no surprise that this is a location ideal for Airbnb rentals.

“Equally, the beautiful beaches and rolling countryside of East Lothian, or the rich history and cobbled streets of Edinburgh make these locations perfect rental hotspots.

“But no matter where you live in Scotland, renting out your room can be a great way to earn extra income and meet new people.”

Edinburgh last year became the first designated short-term rental control area in Scotland after Holyrood ministers approved council’s proposed change to planning requirements.

The measure aims to help maintain the availability of long-term residential housing.

It was criticized by Airbnb who said it would impact many people who occasionally rent out a property to bring in extra income to help them cope with rising prices.

Top 10 counties in Scotland where you can earn the most:

  1. Highlands (£539 per week)
  2. Argyll and Bute (£511 per week)
  3. East Lothian (£483 per week)
  4. Shetland (£462 per week)
  5. Angus (£462 per week)
  6. City of Edinburgh (£448 per week)
  7. West Dunbartonshire (£434 per week)
  8. Perth and Kinross (£420 per week)
  9. Scottish Borders (£420 per week)
  10. Orkney (£399 per week)

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