Scott Strickland takes a big leap forward

The video for “LA,” the opener to Scott Strickland’s new self-titled album, is a work of art in itself. Filmed largely on the Pacific coast alongside the town of the same name, the video features dramatic and sweeping footage of Strickland strolling on the beach and watching the waves.

The images emphasize the loneliness and longing of the lyrics, which Strickland sings with passion over an extremely spacious piano arrangement. This might be the best video and song to come out of Austin in the first half of 2022.

Filmed by Strickland and Justin Borja, one of Strickland’s students when he taught video and photography classes, the clip was shot during the pandemic. “Airbnb was super cheap because no one was traveling,” Strickland recalls. They used a drone for wide-view footage, carefully timing their shots to capture sunset light and most empty beaches.

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