‘Sex and the City’ Carrie Bradshaw Apartment is for rent on Airbnb

Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment is back and better than ever. Tara Rice

There are few fictional homes that have received as much attention as the apartment where Carrie Bradshaw resided. sex and the city. Sure, the Upper East Side rent-controlled two-bedroom apartment, with its charming facade and dreamy walk-in closet, was an utterly unrealistic image of what a writer could afford to live alone in New York, but then what ? He epitomized that particular era, and it’s no surprise that longtime fans of the show *still* continue to visit the Perry Street front porch that was used as the exterior for Carrie’s abode.

Now seriously SATC fans can live out their dreams of Carrie Bradshaw, as in honor of the upcoming revival, And just like that…, Airbnb has partnered with Warner Bros. to recreate Carrie’s apartment, complete with her coveted closet and a plethora of vogue back problems.

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A very realistic writer’s apartment. Kate Glicksberg

Sarah Jessica Parker herself has partnered with Airbnb for the exclusive stay; she’ll virtually greet guests at the taping with an OG-like narration “I couldn’t help but wonder…” sex and the city episodes.

The actress shared the news on Instagram and recommended guests treat themselves to Carrie’s drink of choice during their stay. “It’s nice to be in such a familiar space, and we think you’ll love the Carrie reminders you’ll find scattered throughout. So check out what’s hanging in that closet, try your hand at a little writing and absolutely have a Cosmo,” she wrote.

While Carrie’s address was on the Upper East Side, the brownstone used to represent the house’s exterior was actually the aforementioned Perry Street townhouse in the West Village. This Airbnb offering is in an entirely different location; it was installed in a townhouse in Chelsea.

The leather chair is perched just in the corner. Kate Glicksberg

Even though the Airbnb isn’t in Carrie’s chosen neighborhood, the apartment is furnished with all of Carrie’s recognizable decor, including Aidan Shaw’s leather chair, a laptop perched on a desk overlooking the rue and even this Post-it note of what might be the worst breakup ever, via Jack Berger. The attention to detail here is pretty impressive, right down to Carrie’s nameplate necklace strewn across a dresser.

Beginning November 8 at 12:00 p.m. EST, eager potential customers can book a a night for two at the Airbnb here for November 12 or November 13, for only $23. These are the only two nights available, so if you’re absolutely determined to live your best Carrie Bradshaw life, you might want to consider preparing your click skills.

Those who manage to score what is sure to be a much-requested stay at the Airbnb will be treated to brunch at Chelsea and a fashion shoot, plus some dress-up movie editing time in the recreated closet of Carrie, which includes iconic pieces like the Patricia Field tutu from the intro credits as well as the “naked dress”. From the photos, it looks like the shoes are mostly from Sarah Jessica Parker’s own SJP collection instead of Carrie’s favorite Manolo Blahniks.

Below take a peek into the newly recreated sex and the city apartment, and make sure you’re ready to hit that booking button ASAP next week.

The wardrobe that makes you dream.
Sarah Jessica Parker will virtually greet guests. Tara Rice
Ah, yes, the Post-it.
The name tag necklace is still there. Kate Glicksberg
A feedback on this phone, please. Kate Glicksberg
A dressing situation. Kate Glicksberg
Those black and white prints are back. Tara Rice
You’ll get a view of Chelsea instead of the Upper East Side, but that’s okay! Kate Glicksberg

You can stay in Carrie Bradshaw's iconic NYC apartment for just $23 a night

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