Sky Mobile customers will have to pay £2 a day in new roaming charges

Sky Mobile customers now have to pay up to £2 a day to access their data, calls and texts when abroad. This means that millions of Sky Mobile users will now have to pay to use their phones while on vacation.

Since the UK left the EU following the Brexit vote, mobile network providers across the board have started to reintroduce roaming charges where previously customers could use their monthly text messages, minutes and their data plan included in their contract when they were abroad in 28 European countries at no additional cost. .

Moving Sky is the latest provider to introduce charges, joining Vodafone, EE, Three and Lebara. Sky’s new roaming plan, known as Roaming Passport Plus, simplifies a range of existing charges and, while that means places that were previously free are now chargeable, some countries that previously cost £6 a day to use a Sky Mobile phone are now reduced. at a flat rate of GBP 2 per 24 hours.

A Sky spokesperson said: “Sky Mobile goes wherever our customers go, not just in the EU. To keep things simple, we will now charge £2 a day for data roaming in popular destinations around the world. worldwide – in the EU, USA, Australia, South Africa and more.

EU and EEA destinations excluding the Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man will now be added to the Roaming Passport Plus list of destinations, alongside the Emirates United Arabs. See the full list of destinations covered by the passport here.

Moving Sky says customers will receive a welcome text as soon as their phone is turned on in a foreign destination giving them full details of relevant roaming charges.

All customers who want to use their phone abroad will have to pay the new charges, although Sky advises on its help pages that users can turn off data roaming and mobile data in phone settings and avoid make calls and send SMS abroad. Phones can still be connected to Wi-Fi networks in this situation.

It is also possible for users to add a spending cap to their account to include all out-of-bundle charges on a SIM card, including roaming charges, international calls and texts, and Roaming Passport Plus charges. This means that customers worried about facing a massive bill can be reassured that if costs reach the spending cap, they will be prevented from accumulating further charges while they are away.

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