Sniffspot app rents gardens to dog owners – NBC Boston

If you can’t find space for your four-legged friend to run around in, you can now rent it out.

Sniffspot is similar in concept to Airbnb – except this one is all for dogs.

“I did it because it was a need my girlfriend and I had at the time,” Sniffspot founder David Adams said. “Cities weren’t built for dogs.”

Whether Fido likes long walks by the water or just space to let loose, you can even find hosts on the app who rent canoes.

“These are private rentals, so when you rent a Sniffspot, it’s just you and your dog, or your friends and their dogs. You’re not going with other people,” Adams said. “The reason people use Sniffspot is a safe place to exercise off-leash.”

A gated property in Stoughton, Massachusetts, has about half an acre of land. Bobby Johnson was looking for a way to make extra money at the start of the coronavirus pandemic and started renting out the yard at his mother’s house which was unused.

“I actually had a dog party where 20 dogs came, there’s this dog walker who comes in regularly and brings five dogs at a time,” Johnson said of who rented her yard. mother.

The American Kennel Club has released its annual ranking of dog breed popularity in the United States.

Laura Greenslit, who lives in a flat in Cambridge, says that although she had never heard of the site before, she would definitely try to wiggle her pup’s tail.

“It’s beautiful,” Greenslit said of a Sniffspot space. “Living in the city, there aren’t a lot of open spaces for him to run around in, so any opportunity for him to play with other dogs and be in an open space, I’d be interested.”

Those who register as hosts on the site can set their own rates based on availability.

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