Statera – Lima, Peru | Wallpaper*

The opening of Restaurante Statera de Lima is a decisive moment for Peruvian-Greek chef André Patsias, who cut his teeth in the kitchens of Quique Dacosta and Noma.

Located in the chichi neighborhood of Miraflores, the 28-seat restaurant is inspired by the concept of balance and poise, which is subtly revealed in the architecture of the building – a bright and fresh concrete oasis designed by the local company. MD27 – through imposing exposed beams which pull double function of planters overflowing with greenery. Meanwhile, Lima-based Puna Studio made the most of the minimal space with mood-lit dark wood floors, bespoke walnut furniture, and a striking marble bar.

Behind that, the open kitchen hums with silent efficiency as Patsias shows off the cuisine that has made him the bearer of the new generation of Peruvian chefs. As such, expect a series of well-executed, simple, and honest dishes using little-known indigenous ingredients sourced from the far corners of the country, including the highlands and the Amazon rainforest.

Do not miss Raw Sea, a pretty plate of lobster from northern Peru and scallops garnished with chestnuts from the Amazon; or Beef and Roots, beef sweetbreads served with arracacha root and drizzled with cocoa nectar. §

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