Stolen gun investigation leads to 166 grams of meth in Concord: report

CONCORD, NH — A homeless man staying at an AirBNB on North State Street was arrested last month for distributing drugs during a police investigation into a stolen handgun.

Both were questioned, according to an affidavit, and denied stealing anything from the rental. Sikora said he would not be in possession of a firearm since he was a convicted felon, the officer wrote in a report. They both then agreed to consent to the searches, according to the affidavit. Eckersley, according to the report, “immediately pulled out a glass pipe” designed for ingesting methamphetamine and handed it to the officer.

“Following this,” the reporting officer wrote, “unprompted, Sikora stated that he, too, was in possession of methamphetamine.”

Officers searched his backpack and in doing so, “still without asking him”, the officer wrote, “Sikora voluntarily handed over the Ziplock bag to me and identified it as approximately ‘an ounce of methamphetamine “.” He was later arrested for felony possession of meth with intent to split the charge.

When booking, police accused Sikora of having three other bags containing a crystalline substance consistent with methamphetamine, a box of bags, a digital scale, mini bags, a plastic spoon and straw, a cell phone , a laptop and a surveillance camera. The drugs were field tested and confirmed to be methamphetamine, according to the report. The rater weighed the bags and said the total was about 166 grams of methamphetamine, or about $1,800, according to online reports.

Sikora was also accused of harassment. Police did not report finding a stolen weapon in the affidavit.

Sikora, according to Superior Court records and Patch postings, has a multitude of backgrounds.

In January 2019, he was charged with drug possession in Concord and pleaded guilty to a single count. In October 2019 he was charged with drug possession in Canterbury. Sikora was charged with a probation or parole violation in November 2019, based on Concord’s charge. He pleaded guilty to two of the charges in Canterbury.

Sikora was also charged with drug possession in January 2020 in Concord and pleaded guilty to two counts in February 2021. In August 2020 in Manchester he was again charged with drug possession and pleaded guilty to prosecution in May 2021.

A felon in possession of a dangerous weapon was brought against Sikora by Concord Police in August 2021. This case is ongoing. Another ongoing case involves possession of controlled drugs and charges for possession of prescription drugs from September 2021 in Concord.

Sikora was scheduled to appear in Merrimack County Superior Court for a probation violation hearing on March 21 and did not show up. A warrant was issued by sheriffs on April 4 and he had a bail hearing on April 7. On April 27, a supplementary report was released, he was arraigned for drug distribution and criminal harassment, and he posted $2,500 cash bail on May 3.

According to posts on Patch, Sikora has been arrested or charged with warrants, criminal trespassing, stalking, domestic violence, assault, drug possession, breach of bail and possession of weapons.

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