Tech wreck: Goldman Sachs cuts Netflix, Roblox and eBay to ‘sell’

Goldman Sachs analysts downgraded shares of netflix (NFLX), eBay (EBAY) and gaming/metaverse giant Roblox at rare “sell” odds on Thursday. Goldman Sachs analysts previously rated these stocks with a lukewarm “neutral.”

Analysts said the downgrades were made after deciding “to factor in a greater likelihood of a weaker macroeconomic environment and significantly weaker revenue growth…to reflect broader industry maturation.” “.

In other words, price hikes, increased competition, and consumers worrying less about Covid and leaving their homes more often instead of sheltering in place are catching up with Netflix, Roblox, and eBay.

Shares of Netflix and eBay both fell 5% on Friday while Roblox fell 9%.

Goldman Sachs analysts said they downgraded Netflix due to “concerns about the impact of a consumer recession as well as increased levels of competition”. They said Netflix is ​​now a “demonstration story”.

There are growing concerns that cash-strapped consumers may find they are now paying for too many streaming services and need to cut spending.

Netflix isn’t the only streaming game in town anymore, because disney (SAY), Amazon (AMZN), Apple (AAPL), Primordial, Comcast (CMCSA) and owner of CNN Discovery of Warner Bros. all have their own services with exclusive content.
Goldman Sachs seems less concerned about competition for Roblox, saying it’s still “the best-positioned company in games and interactive entertainment” and offers good “secular growth opportunities for long term”.

But there are “growing concerns about the post-pandemic environment” for Roblox. Goldman analysts expect “slower growth” in the near term.

Is the summer holiday boom over before it even started?
As for eBay, Goldman Sachs analysts noted that “with the global consumer environment under pressure and slowing e-commerce growth in a post-pandemic world, we see eBay’s revenue growth at risk. , [especially] given its overexposure to international markets.”
Goldman Sachs analysts also reiterated their “sell” rating on another big tech company: Airbnb. Analysts cut their target price on Airbnb from $150 to $95. The stock is currently trading at around $110.

Analysts said that while “pent-up travel demand…remains a tailwind,” there are worries about a recession, the stock’s valuation and the possibility of a “potential normalization in consumer travel habits.” leading to more people staying in hotels as opposed to renting homes when going on vacation.

Still, it wasn’t all bad from the so-called Vampire Squid about Big Tech.

Goldman Sachs analysts said they are maintaining their buy rating on Amazon (AMZN), Uber (UBER)facebook owner Metaplatformsparent Google and YouTube Alphabet (GOOGL)Barry Diller’s internet conglomerate IAC (IAC) and its real estate technology spin-off Angi (ANGI) as well as online dating apps Match (MTCH) and Bumblebee.

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