‘Teen Mom 2’ Fans Question Brianna’s Decision to Meet Kail’s ‘Baby Daddy’ Chris

In the previous episode of “Teen Mom 2”, Brianna’s sister, Brittany, tells her that she will be going to Philadelphia for the weekend to meet Chris, the father of Kail’s children. Obviously, she chose not to listen to her sister and went ahead with the plan anyway. Bri, we thought you would know better.

Chris had invited Brianna to talk about her experience as a teenage mom on an episode of his podcast. The decision itself being complicated, something seems fishy here. First, Brianna booked an Airbnb. She wouldn’t need it if it was just working on the “podcast”. Also, she went home with Chris’ shirt. Read on to find out what fans think of the pregnancy reality show.


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Here’s what fans have to say about the teen pregnancy show on TLC. One fan shared, “Wowww, she’s really sitting here with Kail’s baby dad #TeenMom2,” while another said, “Briana also wore Chris’ t-shirt when she got home. I saw it #Teenmom2”.

One fan tweeted: ‘What is Briana’s obsession with having sex with Kailyn’s baby daddies? #TeenMom2’, while another said: ‘Brianna was literally in a relationship with ex- Kails husband, but you’re all mad because she did a little casting call with this man. CHILE PLEASE #TeenMom #teenmom2″.

One fan tweeted, “It’s the fact that Chris never wants to film with Kail but now he talks talking and with Briana at this #TeenMom2,” while another shared, “Brianna recording this podcast with Chris is really cheesy to watch. And I’m not a fan of Kailyn’s ‘Coffee Convo’ or ‘Baby Mama’ podcasts, but that shit is WACK!!! #TeenMom2”. One viewer said, “So let me get this straight. Briana booked an Air BnB so Chris can do a BS podcast with her in Philly? Do they think we’re stupid? #teenmom2,” while a another shared, “Spying with my little eye…#teenmom2 #TeenMom.”

One viewer tweeted: “Briana why are you trying to hang out with Kail’s ex…? So weird and messy… #TeenMom2,” while another said, “Bri is a mess, she knows damn well she shouldn’t be doing Chris’ podcast #teenmom2.” One fan said, “Let’s call it like that. Chris and Briana go on a double date with their best friends. #teenmom2”, while another tweeted: “Brianna is bipolar and psychopathic #teenmom2”.

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