The 10 most affordable cities to dine at a Michelin-starred restaurant

When looking for a dining experience in a new city, the first place you might look is the Michelin Guide, which awards its prestigious stars to some of the world’s most exceptional restaurants. The guide’s best picks – two and three star restaurants – are often unique experiences that can cost hundreds per person. Luckily for you, a new study by Chef’s Pencil has just identified the cheapest cities to dine in an upscale Michelin restaurant.

The platform, which is a culinary resource that collects recipes and tips from chefs, analyzed 450 restaurants around the world that have been awarded two or three stars in the Michelin Guide. They pulled the prices for the best tasting menu from everyone, finding that on average, a two or three star meal will set you back $ 276 per person.

Armed with this data, Chef’s Pencil was able to deduce that Bangkok is the most affordable city to indulge in top Michelin-starred meals, with the average two-star restaurant tasting menu costing $ 173. It should be noted here that Bangkok currently does not have any three-star restaurants, which certainly contributes to its ranking in terms of affordability. Second place goes to Lyon, which also has the highest concentration of restaurants in France (win-win!). Take a look at the full list and average menu prices below:

The most affordable cities for a top Michelin meal

1. Bangkok: $ 173

2. Lyonnais: $ 203

3. Seoul: $ 213

4. Rotterdam: $ 216

5. Barcelona: $ 224

6. Vienna: $ 225

7. Madrid: $ 228

8. Taipei: $ 232

9. Hamburg: $ 240

10. Macao: $ 248

Now if you are Looking to spend and blow up a paycheck at dinner, you might be wondering which cities are the most expensive for a top rated Michelin meal. The study found that Copenhagen – home to three-star restaurants Noma and Geranium – is the best place to hang out, with an average tasting menu priced at $ 448 per person. The second and third places go to Shanghai and Kyoto respectively. Below is the complete ranking of your dining wishlist.

The most expensive cities for a high-end Michelin meal

1. Copenhagen: $ 448

2. Shanghai: $ 406

3. Kyto: $ 401

4. Singapore: $ 364

5. Paris: $ 358

6. Stockholm: $ 335

7. Hong-Kong: $ 324

8. Amsterdam: $ 320

9. New-York: $ 309

10. Milan: $ 309

Are you looking for more affordable fine dining? This map highlights the cheapest Michelin-starred meals in the world.

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