The 28 hottest real estate and construction-tech startups

  • Real estate technology companies eliminate inefficiencies in construction, home buying, and other areas.
  • VCs invested a record $32 billion in these real estate technology, or proptech, startups last year.
  • We interviewed venture capitalists to select 28 of the hottest proptech companies right now.

The pandemic has changed the landscape of the real estate world and revealed a new set of challenges.

A new breed of real estate technology, or proptech, startups are making noise by tackling some of these challenges head-on.

Insider reached out to more than 20 venture capitalists who focus on real estate and construction tech to ask them to name the proptech startups best positioned to address industry gaps or tackling trends. exacerbated by the pandemic. Among these trends are skyrocketing home prices, a broken supply chain, a home flipping craze, and a growing work-from-home culture.

Funding is not lacking. Venture capital investments in private real estate technology companies hit a record $32 billion in 2021, up 28% from a year earlier, according to the Center for Real Estate Technology & Innovation. Proptechs dedicated to the scorching residential sector attracted nearly half of the total funding, by far the biggest slice of the pie.

Last year’s list taught us that obstacles lead to innovation, creating new breeds of business in the real estate industry. We compiled this list of 28 startups after evaluating VC nominations.

We used the companies’ self-reported fundraising figures, but added to Crunchbase data as a supplement for companies that declined to comment. We asked each startup for their valuation and revenue, but many refused to share this information as they sought additional funding.

Here are the hottest proptech companies right now, listed in alphabetical order.

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