The Airbnb logo has FOUR hidden meanings – can you spot them all?

AIRBNB is one of the most successful companies catering to travelers looking for a homestay instead of a hotel.

The multi-billion dollar company has explored popularity since launching on San Francisco In 2008.


A TikToker revealed that the Airbnb logo contains three additional hidden messages apart from the rounded letter ACredit: Getty
The Airbnb logo also represents people, places, and love.


The Airbnb logo also represents people, places, and love.Credit: Getty

However, many platform users may be unaware that AirbnbThe simple logo of has a more enigmatic meaning than the obvious rounded letter A.

A virality ICT Tac The video reveals that the company logo contains three additional hidden meanings.

The video shows that the design also represents people, places and love.

The man in the video flips the logo upside down, and it looks like a heart.

The logo’s central cone resembles a locator pin, while the shape Airbnb calls the “Belo” resembles a person with their arms up in the air.

Fellow TikTokers applauded the company, calling it “one of the creative logos.”

“Wow this is so cool,” wrote one user.

A second person commented, “One of the most creative logos for sure.”

” I had never thought about it ! added a third TikToker.

Meanwhile, tech giant LG is no different, as it has hidden a secret message in its logo to influence what we think of its company.

The LG logo is a dark red/pink round circle with an L and a G, but you may have also noticed a friendly face.

The “L” can be thought of as the nose of the stick figure, while the swooping “G” around the outside creates the appearance of a smile.

They even made a small dot appear for one of the eyes, while the other could be seen as a wink and illustrated by the line over the “G”.

The inclusion of the face wasn’t a happy coincidence but was placed there to make us feel more connected to the brand.

Experts explained the reasoning behind the hidden image.

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The pros said, “These hidden messages help LG appear more approachable and inviting.

“Seeing the face with their famous lettering is supposed to draw us to the brand and make us feel more comfortable with them.”

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