The best episodes of Vikings according to IMDb

“Breaking Point” picks up where “To the Gates!” interrupted, the Vikings launching a second assault on Paris. Ragnar, badly injured from the first attack, is stuck watching the festivities from afar. Viking forces flood one of the bridges leading into town, but just as the invaders think they are about to enter, the Franks pull out a horribly effective weapon – a huge spiked wheel on tracks straight out of an Indiana Jones movie.

The Vikings turn to flee, but several are impaled on the spikes as he cuts them like grass. It makes for a delightfully gruesome scene, though the tables are turned when Rollo discovers they can jam the Wheel of Death in place with weapons. And yet, while the Norsemen make a valiant effort, it ultimately fails. Once again, they return to their camp, frustrated and disappointed.

The tide only turns when a sudden illness hits Paris. The residents begin to drop like flies and the Franks are forced to offer Ragnar riches to leave. To their surprise, a gain is not his priority – Ragnar wants to be baptized so he can see Athelstan again in heaven. This also shocks Ragnar’s other Vikings, who can’t quite believe what they witness. The Franks, believing that they got away with it easily, complied willingly.

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