The best ice cream parlors in New Jersey

My first job was when I was 7, working for my dad picking up ice cream from an ice cream parlor in Florida. I spent much of that time eating more ice cream than I took, and my experience qualifies me as a fair judge of a good scoop of ice cream.

It’s usually around this time of year that my craving for ice cream really starts to kick in. I begin to imagine being on the shore, walking down the boardwalk with my cone in hand, a nice scoop of chocolate ice cream starting to drip down the side of the cone. Ice cream is the quintessence of summer.

Personally, I enjoy a scoop (or a pint) of the Martinsville Landslide from Gabriel’s Fountain in Martinsville. The Martinsville Mudslide offers brownie batter ice cream, homemade brownies and fudge. For soft serve ice cream, my go-to spot is Polar Cub at White House Station.

But everyone has their favorite place to grab a scoop, and I asked our listeners for their favorite ice cream spots in New Jersey. The list is divided by North Jersey, South Jersey, Central Jersey and Jersey Shore, check out their suggestions:

Original photo source Adobe Stock by Jenifoto

Original photo source Adobe Stock by Jenifoto

Richard Bellon

The bent spoon at Princeton. The flavors are unique and the quality is super high


Spoon bent to Princeton! Different flavors, local businesses and local ingredients!


Ice Cream Depot in the biggest little town in the whole country…. Town of Mill.


Thomas Sweets New Brunswick. PERIOD! Why? Because it’s fantastic!


Gracie and the guys. It’s just superior ice cream to anything I’ve had in Monmouth County. Anything with mint is especially good.

Mary Blanche

HumDoo Flemington NJ, small business with a young entrepreneur. Great quality ice cream, many rotating ice cream flavors. Located in the old honey house, unique location.

Rachel Buxbaum

Summer Ville’s homemade ice cream is by far my favorite. So many flavors and great service. They were pretty hard hit by the floods in Ida, but hopefully they’ll be back there soon.

Jason Nicholas

As you like it in Raritan, or Gabriel’s Fountain in Martinsville.
Raritan for standard quality ice cream and Martinsville for custom flavors.

Jessica Demcsak

Gabriel Fountain in Martinsville. They have the most amazing and creative flavors!

Bert Rodriguez

OWOWCOW in Lambertville!

Shari Friedman Arcuri

The Ice House, Hillsborough, great ice cream, specialties named after or referring to local places, excellent service.


Vanilla Bean Creamery in Cranford.


Penguin Ice Cream in Bernardsville. Couldn’t choose a favorite flavor as they regularly bless our taste buds with new flavors. Small family business. You should take a look at it.


King of Cream! #Pennington


CREAM KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julia Messineo

Polar Bear Cub at Whitehouse Station! They have a very good soft serve selection.

Travis Boop

Great sundaes in Hillsborough! We love the variety of flavors and the owners seem like great people!

Alyssa Simone

Zita is in Berkeley Heights


magic fountain at the top


Halo Farm/Pub, Trenton. Great ice cream, great selection, 3 pints for the price of 2.


Halo Pub in Hamilton, they make the BEST ice cream

Amanda Lovett-Spruill

Family owned Four Boys Ice Cream Shop – amazing seasonal hard and soft ice cream flavors and best customer service

Original photo source Adobe Stock by Jenifoto

Original photo source Adobe Stock by Jenifoto


frozen jersey


Jersey Freeze at Freehold. The best homemade ice cream I have ever tasted! In addition, the shake of the month is always a success!


Jersey Freeze at Freehold NJ. Always fresh, every month they have a shake of the month. Fantastic staff and never disappointed

Kathy Palfey Bonilla Moravasik

Hoffmann Point Pleasant. Always great taste, lots of variety and so many childhood memories


Hoffman because Jersey Monkey 😋


They’ve just opened a Nicholas Creamery in Fair Haven, filled the void left by Little Silver’s departure from Hofman, and you know what? It’s also much better. And I like Hoffman’s.

Matt Mariano

The Seashell in Wildwood


Miss Mindy is in Bayville! Fingers in the nose!


Days Ice Cream Parlor in Ocean Grove the best place to go during the summer for the best after beach ice cream they have dozens of flavors and toppings that are hard to beat


A La Mode, OCNJ


Mrs. Walkers In Forked River, countless amounts of different flavors and great prices.


I think I’ve been eating ice cream from Mrs. Walkers on Fischer in TR since I was born.


Ryan’s ice cream in Shrewsbury!


Royal crown in Hammonton, homemade ice cream and custard.


Royal crown in Hammonton! BEST around, all fantastic homemade flavors! Sundaes on 73 in Berlin a very close second!


Jefffreeze at West Creek


Springer at Stone Harbor


TK on 539 in Plumstead


Summer Sweets is very good – just north of Lavallette. So many great ice creams found on the island for sure.

Amanda Lovett-Spruill

Family owned Four Boys Ice Cream Shop – amazing seasonal hard and soft ice cream flavors and best customer service

Original photo source Adobe Stock by Jenifoto

Original photo source Adobe Stock by Jenifoto


Kudos to Latteria Swedesboro. Anyone who makes the right choice with FlufferNutter ice cream is an automatic offer to consider.


Vincent’s, Mount Holly NJ Homemade. Creamy and adorable ice cream with a vintage look.

Jeff Michael

The Maple Shade Custard Booth. I don’t have a good answer except that they are just very good and of a wide variety.

Original photo source Adobe Stock by Jenifoto

Original photo source Adobe Stock by Jenifoto


Cliff is in Ledgewood. Lots of good choices, large portions.


Dover Dairy! Friendly and the ice cream always tastes great without a bitter aftertaste like most places.

Alexis Cuomo

Van Dykes at Ridgewood. Homemade and huge.


that of Bischoff. Teaneck NJ. Fingers in the nose.


AJ’s Country Cone in Oak Ridge. The best ice cream anywhere, serve frozen yogurt and the best ice cream novelty cakes anywhere.


Curly’s in Riverdale, vast and unique homemade selection and personalized cakes.

Lori Sadusky Gaughan

Applegate Farms in Montclair


Applegate Farm


Nastos in Newark the best!!

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