The cottage featured in ‘The Holiday’ is on Airbnb and it looks as cozy as it does in the movie

If you have already watched the Christmas movie Vacations and dreamed of staying in the charming British cottage featured in the film, you’re in luck because it’s now available to rent on Airbnb.

The property, named the Honeysuckle Cottage, is the inspiration behind the cottage seen in the Hollywood film, where Amanda Woods (Cameron Diaz) is going to stay while on vacation.

Free time reports that the couple who own the Surrey property had no idea it was in the film when they bought it.

After reading about it in a magazine, the couple decided to praise it and the fans surely appreciate it.

The cottage has a two night minimum stay requirement of £295 per night (US$334 or CA$450).

The Airbnb listing says the property has views of the surrounding Surrey hills, a fire pit, indoor fireplace, and three bedrooms.

A bedroom inside Honeysuckle Cottage.jonathan | Airbnb

However, it should be stressed that this location is only the inspiration for Rosehill Cottage in Vacations, because this place doesn’t really exist.

It was recreated by the film crew to look like the actual chalet, as reported Home & Garden.

That’s because the property was too far away for the cast and crew during filming, as reported by Time Out..

Cameron Diaz as Amanda Woods entering the cabin "Vacations."Cameron Diaz as Amanda Woods entering the cottage in “The Holiday”.Classic Rotten Tomato Trailers | Youtube

The new listing is clearly popular on Airbnb and is already booked through mid-January.

It’s a review that calls it “comfortable” and “charming” and the guest wrote that “it’s an ideal country getaway.”

During your stay, you can recreate all your favorite scenes inside the chalet from the film such as a wine and cheese party, reading by the fire or taking a hot tub.

Hope you also have a cute Brit looking like Jude Law knocking at the front door!

You can view the property on Airbnb here.

Cottage ‘The Holidays’

Cozy dining room.

Cozy dining room.

jonathan | Airbnb

£295+/night (US$334 or CA$450)


Neighbourhood: Holmbury Saint Mary, England, United Kingdom

Why You Need To Go: This cozy and charming new Airbnb featured in the movie Vacations is a perfect countryside escape.

Prices and occupancy conditions are confirmed at the time of publication, but may change at any time.

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