The ‘extremely unpredictable’ horror movie that just got added to Disney Plus

One of the most acclaimed horror films of the year is now available to stream on Disney+.

It was a good year for the genre, both critically and commercially, with No, Smile, Scream, and even the extremely violent creepy cooking everything a fright.

But there was one that received huge buzz after its US premiere – those who had seen the film urging people to come in without even watching the trailer.

The movie is Barbaricwritten and directed by Zach Cregger.

It stars Georgina Campbell as a woman who shows up at an Airbnb to find a man, played by Bill Skarsgård, is already there, and they’ve accidentally been double-booked. To say more would spoil the film’s many surprises.

Barbaric premiered at San Diego Comic-Con in July, two months before its theatrical release for which it grossed $45 million on a $4.5 million budget.

Those in the UK had to wait another month for a cinema release, but now, a month and a half later, it’s been added to Disney Plus.

The film was called “unpredictable wildy” by Empirewith The Observer calling it “one of the most efficient coolers of the year”.

Bill Skarsgard in ‘Barbarian’ (20th Century Studios)

Clarisse Loughrey, writing for The Independentsaid Barbarian’s many twists “are a central part of its funhouse charm”, as it “constantly turns the tables on its audience’s expectations”.

The film has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 92% from 194 reviews.

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