The Missouri legend of the corpse under the bed is sadly true

Urban legends abound and this is especially true in Missouri. Most are wild tales with little basis in fact. There is one, however, which is unfortunately true. It’s the Missouri legend of the corpse under the bed and it really happened.

Only in your state is one of the sites that shared the story of the corpse under a Missouri bed. According to the story, a couple checks into a hotel room and smells something strange. They contact the hotel manager and are assured that everything is fine, so they sleep through the night. When they wake up in the morning the smell has become unbearable and they decide to check themselves to see what is going on only to learn that there is a corpse inside the box spring they just slept on all night. .

It’s a Missouri urban legend that’s sadly true. and it happened in 2003 near Kansas City at the Capri Motel. The Orlando Sentinel reported on this strange motel find in July 2003. It gets stranger. The point is, the truth is far scarier than the urban legend that has been told. The real story of the corpse under the bed lasted THREE DAYS. It’s true. A couple stayed and slept in the bedroom for THREE DAYS with a corpse under them. (*shudder*)

You can even find confirmations of this story in Capri Motel reviews on Yelp:

Gee S. – “They found a corpse rotting for days in this motel. Guests kept complaining about the smell but they didn’t do anything about it.”

The Capri Motel experienced its own demise in 2015 as it was demolished. Probably for the best because a place with that kind of morbid history is something that can’t be undone.

The moral of the story is that you really should check under the bed when staying in a hotel. You never know exactly what you’ll find under this box spring.

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