The most expensive cities in the world for Airbnbs

If you are using Airbnb to save a few bucks when traveling, this tactic may not work in some places. Today, Bloomberg has published its annual index, which examines the average rental price of Airbnbs around the world. And while some of the best slots remain the same year over year, new entrants have climbed the charts.

The most expensive city for Airbnbs is Miami, where an average stay will set you back $ 205 a night, followed by Boston at $ 195. These also won gold and silver last year, but for the first time this year, five of the 15 most expensive cities are in the Middle East, with Tel Aviv, Israel ranked fourth at 188 $ per night, and Dubai, Jerusalem, Riyadh and Kuwait City are also on the list. It’s worth noting that Airbnb’s internal numbers for average prices per night (the one you see when you start looking for homes in a city) differ from Bloomberg’s. Indeed, if Airbnb only takes into account the seats actually reserved, Bloomberg takes into account all the Airbnb advertised on the site in each city (yes, including this villa for $ 2,000 a night in Dubai).

Here are the top 15 most expensive cities for Airbnb stays, according to the Bloomberg report:

1. Miami, Florida ($ 205)
2. Boston, Massachusetts ($ 195)
3. Reykjavik, Iceland ($ 194)
4. Tel Aviv, Israel ($ 188)
5. Dubai, United Arab Emirates ($ 185)
6. Los Angeles, California ($ 180)
7. Amsterdam, Netherlands ($ 178)
= 7. San Francisco, California ($ 178)
8. Jerusalem ($ 175)
= 8. Sydney, Australia ($ 175)
9. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia ($ 171)
ten. Edinburgh, Scotland ($ 166)
11. New York ($ 159)
12. Seattle, Washington ($ 156)
13. Kuwait City, Kuwait ($ 155)
14. London, UK ($ 154)
= 14. Singapore ($ 154)
15. Washington, DC ($ 153)

While there is certainly a correlation between expensive cities and expensive Airbnbs (higher rent means hosts have to charge guests more), it doesn’t always correlate: among the top ten most expensive cities in the world, only Singapore, Tel Aviv and Sydney are on this list. Other factors can contribute to the price of homestays. In the case of Dubai, as Bloomberg points out, a preponderance of expensive luxury hotels means guests can charge more to compete with four- and five-star prices. In other cases, it could simply be the nature of the houses available; everyone wants a waterfront view in Miami, and owners or tenants with this asset are going to increase the price you have to pay for it.

So, are the Airbnbs in these cities super luxurious, to match the prices? Well, $ 208 in Miami, close to the city average, will get you a three bedroom / two bathroom apartment overlooking Biscayne Bay. Not bad. But, for about the same amount in Tampa, say, on the other side of Florida, you’ll get a four-bedroom home, with a private pool.

The question is: are you willing to pay that premium for a vacation in Miami instead of Tampa? We’re going to go ahead and assume the answer is yes (sorry, Tampa).

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