The mysterious last days of Edinburgh’s son Sean Flynn accused of murdering his mother

The mysterious last days of a son accused of murdering his mother have been uncovered.

Sean Flynn was spending time with an unknown woman and was staying in a beachfront Airbnb apartment in Spain at the time of his death.

The 38-year-old, who did not appear in court in 2002 when he was charged with the murder of Louise Tiffney, was posing as a tourist.

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He had booked an apartment on the sixth floor in the holiday town of Peniscola near Valencia.

Residents say Flynn lived there with a woman, but days before he committed suicide, she was gone.

His body was identified by the Airbnb owner who had come to expel him after he exceeded his reservation by a week.

A resident of the Penismar estate where Flynn crashed after fleeing his old home in Berlin said: “He was only here for about eight or nine days.

“We saw a woman come in and out who left in the car I thought was hers on the Sunday before she died.”

Sean Flynn (Image: PA Archive / Press Association Images).

Another added: “He rented the apartment for a week but went over the length of stay by a few days and I heard the owner was worried because he hadn’t paid the extra.

“The owner was in the area on the morning of his death and eventually had to identify him. She had no idea that a suspected killer was staying in her apartment. She is still in shock.

Flynn died 48 hours after the Livingston High Court issued an arrest warrant when he failed to appear for trial on October 19. reports daily recording.

At first we thought he was dead.

Maintenance workers had found him outside a nearby building near his Airbnb just after 8 a.m. when they arrived at work. it was pronounced
died shortly after the arrival of emergency medical help.

Police have filed a report on the incident with a court in the nearby town of Vinaros, which is conducting an ongoing investigation.

Flynn’s attorney, Aamer Anwar, said he was told his client had committed suicide in a statement last week and that Spanish authorities would not consider the incident to be suspicious.

Spanish police have confirmed they have been in contact with British counterparts and informed a Vinaros investigating judge of their findings, but would not comment.

The apartment rented by Flynn was in a residential complex above a tapas restaurant, opposite a seafront promenade, a short drive from downtown Peniscola.

A local source said: “The owner of the apartment this man stayed in saw all the police as she walked through the neighborhood and said she wanted to speak to them to have the person evicted from the apartment.

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“Civil Guard investigators did not tell anyone we knew he was a wanted man or investigate places like the community office.

“The only thing we know is what we read in the UK newspapers that the expats showed us.”

In a high-profile trial in 2005, Flynn, then just 18, was accused of killing his 43-year-old mother in the Edinburgh apartment they shared with Louise’s daughter, Hannah, five years old.

Without a body, prosecutors claimed the couple had an argument and that Flynn then got rid of his body. But a jury concluded that the case was not proven.

Despite numerous calls from police, no trace of Louise was found until 2017, when her remains were found in a shallow grave near a stately home in Longniddry, East Lothian.

The discovery sparked a new investigation of Flynn and he was charged with the murder for the second time in January 2020 under new dual criminality rules.

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