The new trend of pool rental in Spain is taking off

THE rental of private swimming pools by the hour is becoming more and more popular among young people in Spain

There are around 200 swimming pools in Andalusia and 500 throughout Spain which allow customers to hire at specific times.

In particular, a mobile phone application called Bathing hosts listings for pool owners, allowing customers to select a date and time for pool rental, working similarly to Airbnb.

The new trend of pool rental in Spain is taking off. image Bank

Users can filter by their specific needs, such as child-friendly areas, on-site dining areas, and barbecues.

This application has increased its popularity following the pandemic, where many public swimming pools have been closed.

According to company data, more than 230,000 people have used the app in Spain.

This summer, the site says there will be more than 40,000 pool reservations.

Prices vary widely, but some can be hired for as little as €10 an hour with more expensive listings having hammocks and even guest toilets on site.

According to Swimmy, some families renting out their pool have earned up to €14,000 in a year as the trend continues to grow.


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