The Place in Bournemouth Triangle asks for council support

An area of ​​Bournemouth town center has been skipped during the town’s Christmas celebrations, according to the owners of the area’s new restaurant.

The Nowokunski family, owners of The Place in the triangle, have criticized the BCP Council for focusing this year’s Christmas events ‘only’ in Bournemouth Square.

Joanna, Dariusz and Simon Nowokunski all suggest that the arrival of festive markets and Christmas Tree Wonderland last week drove customers away from the triangle, which had drastic effects on their restaurant.

Simon said: “Last week we had the worst week since we opened.

“We thought the Christmas markets would bring more, but everyone is focused on the square and people are just using the trading businesses.

Bournemouth Echo: The Nowokunski family in front of The PlaceThe Nowokunski family in front of The Place (Photo: Simon Nowakunski)

“This means that we no longer receive walk-in visits. We now survive on reservations. We have financial difficulties.

Joanna added: “The week before the Christmas festivities started we had reservations, we were busy – we had the best week so far. It was really nice, the place had life and everything the world loved it.

“But all of a sudden, he disappeared.”

The family atmosphere that had more decorations, markets and events organized for Christmas in the Triangle, the restaurant would accommodate more walk-ins when it is needed most.

Joanna said: ‘The council say they say they support small business, but where is the support for small business?

“Where are the festivities? Where are the decorations? Do you see any decorations in the Triangle?

“It’s the big companies that are already established and have branches.”

The Daily Echo approached Councilor Beverley Dunlop, portfolio holder for Culture and Vibrant Places, with the businesses’ concerns. Cllr Dunlop said this year’s Christmas celebrations in Bournemouth were “on par with previous years”.

She added: “I’m sorry they feel that way.

“I want to assure people that we are committed to the triangle, no less than any other area of ​​the city.”

Councilor Philip Broadhead, portfolio holder for Development, Growth and Regeneration, said: “Over the past year, the Triangle region has received more attention than ever before – and we are disappointed to hear that this has not was not appreciated.

“From the incredible installation of the Artship Orchestra just a few months ago to the extension of the Winter Wonderland trail to the Triangle this Christmas – now featuring an array of decorated trees, a romantic archway and sparkling swirls – we encourage anyone visiting Bournemouth to experience this brilliant and vibrant part of our town.”

The Nowokunski family is calling on tourists and residents to support independent small businesses like theirs this winter and look forward to sharing their new Christmas menu with customers.

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