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Exploring Bangkok comes with many fun and exotic adventures, but have you seen a penis shrine up close? It can be said that Asia, in general, has some interesting cultural practices which may not be fully understood by Westerners. Yet exploring Bangkok’s strangest sites is certainly a way to learn and appreciate the differences between Eastern and Western societies.

1. Vat Hua Krabeu

Water buffaloes in Thailand are in danger of extinction. And, the Abbot of Wat Hua Krabeu wants to draw attention to their plight. In fact, his old car garage for the old Mercedes has become a temple with a memorial to the buffaloes. Skulls adorn the grounds and visitors can get up close and personal with these skeletal remains. The abbot finally wants to build a giant sanctuary and a museum for the buffalo. Wat Hua Krabeu is also one of the oldest temples in Bangkok.

Best Day Trip: Discover Hidden Bangkok At Wat Hua Krabeu

Wat Hua Krabeu

2. Chao Mae Tubtim

This strange spectacle is perhaps the most understood because many only know what they are seeing. However, women from all over come to this penile sanctuary, or phallus, to pray for good luck before they get pregnant. So even though it has some important meaning behind the tall male reproductive parts, it is still a great place to see because it is really quite amazing. Located in a garden, the hundreds of penises come in all shapes and sizes and are used as an offering for the fertility goddess of the sanctuary. Nonetheless, taking a photo next to one of these statues will undoubtedly be an interesting souvenir from your travels.

Chao Mae Tubtim Shrine - Toothbrush Trips

Chao Mae Tubtim

3. Statue of David Beckham

Although Thai temples are used for Buddhist or other religious purposes, an abbot apparently approved the construction of a statue of David Beckham during the 1998 World Cup at Wat Pariwas temple. While Thailand was fascinated by the madness of football, the abbot apparently noted that football was like a religion with many followers as he endorsed the statue. Nowadays, it can be good to update such a trend with BTS statues, right?

Buddhist pilgrims to Thai temple to see golden statue of David Beckham E! News UKStatue of David Beckham

4. The ghost tower

Locals say this truly spooky building is haunted, after years of seeing squatters and intruders. The building was supposed to be a luxury condominium, but when the Asian financial crisis hit the developers went bankrupt. Now, thrill seekers bribe the guards to climb to the top of the building and make videos, while others are speechless at his reputation for being filled with spirits.

The Ghost Tower: Bangkok skyline views from an abandoned skyscraper

The ghost tower

5. Forensic museum

This museum is perhaps the most heartbreaking sight to visit as it features tons of corpses that have been preserved for educational purposes. However, if you don’t study the human body and like scary things, then this is definitely the strangest place in Bangkok to see. The Museum of Forensic Medicine and Pathology serves as a learning lab for forensic students at Siriraj University Hospital, with several infamous mummified corpses also housed here. Murderers, accident victims and genetically mutated babies can be seen here. Just make sure you don’t eat before you come, as you might feel quite nauseous after visiting the macabre museum.

Siriraj Medical Museum - The spookiest place in Bangkok?  |  Under the ropes

Museum of Forensic Medicine

From buildings thought to be haunted to nauseating museums, Bangkok lives up to its name and has something for everyone. And, moreover, almost anything can certainly be found in this exotic city. Whether that’s a good thing or not, finding such strange sights in the Thai capital is definitely intriguing many travelers.

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