The witness says U.Va. the shot was not random, the shooter was aiming at a sleeping student

ALBERMARLE COUNTY, Virginia (WRIC) – The shooting at the University of Virginia on Sunday night was not accidental, according to court testimony Wednesday morning.

Three student football players – Lavel Davis Jr., D’Sean Perry and Devin Chandler – were returning from a class trip on Sunday night when authorities say they were killed by a classmate and former footballer. Two other students, Marlee Morgan and Michael Hollins, were injured.

The accused shooter, Christopher Darnell Jones Jr., was in court for a bond hearing on Wednesday. He did not plead to the numerous charges he faces, and the judge ruled he would be held without bail.

According to the Commonwealth prosecutor, a witness told authorities that Jones shot Devin Chandler in his sleep. The witness said they saw Jones point the gun at Chandler as he slept.

The witness also said that Jones was targeting certain people and that the shots were not random.

Jones was originally charged with three counts of second degree murder and three firearms charges for the murders of Davis, Perry and Chandler. Additional charges have since been filed for Morgan’s malicious wounding and Hollins’ malicious wounding, along with two other firearms charges.

Jones has been in custody since his arrest in suburban Richmond late Monday morning. Albemarle County Commonwealth Attorney James Hingeley is handling the case against Jones.

University President Jim Ryan said Monday authorities did not have a “full understanding” of the motive for the shooting. Court documents filed so far in the case have offered no additional insight.

Jones was a member of the football team during the 2018 season, a one-semester visit, according to athletic director Carla Williams.

In interviews, her father expressed confusion and astonishment and apologized to the families of the victims.

Of the two students hospitalized, one was discharged from the medical center on Tuesday, according to Eric Swensen, spokesman for the health system.

Family members of team running back Mike Hollins said he underwent a second operation on Tuesday.

Judge Andrew Sneathern has appointed a temporary attorney for Jones until he retains his own attorney at his request.

Jones’ next court date is set for Thursday, December 8.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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