The women who impacted the crypto space in 2022

Usually, cryptocurrency or blockchain technology has progressed so far in a male-dominated society, but the emergence of recent projects led by female entrepreneurs indicates the progress of women in the male-dominated sector. The involvement of women in the crypto industry has seen the industry grow and mature simultaneously, which is due to the glorification of diversity and the adoption of ideas.

Recently, Nodira Sadikova, venture capitalist and advisor at Web3, spoke with the Cointelegraph. She ensured that the positive development in the category of women who have a huge impact in this industry. According to her, she has seen talented women under 30 thrive in crypto-trading and other blockchain technologies. She added that this bold personality of women has changed the way the market behaves by generating new opportunities for women who were not brave enough to enter the crypto trading industry.

Women who have been widely impacted in the cryptocurrency industry

Over the past few years, many bright and talented women have started their own careers in the crypto or blockchain industry. Some of the women who have been widely impacted in the cryptocurrency industry are:

Elizabeth Stark

Elizabeth stark is CEO and co-founder of Lightning Labs, an early proponent of blockchain scaling solutions. The company specializes in developing a lightning network that allows users to conduct efficient bitcoin transactions. It allows users to transact bitcoin cheaply and at fast speed. This is due to its Layer 2 scaling solution.

Besides running the Blockchain company, stark contributes to the coin center, a leading non-profit organization committed to addressing cryptocurrency policy issues. Additionally, she is an advisor at chia, another blockchain company, which operates in the crypto-mining protocol. Prior to his career in the blockchain industry, Stark lectured on peer-to-peer networking at Stanford and Yale University.

Kathleen Breitmann

Cornell University graduate, currently co-founder and CEO of Dynamic Ledger Solutions. The software is built using Tezos proof-of-stake blockchain protocols. It is developed to solve many shortcomings of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency networks.

Prior to Dynamic Ledger, Breitman worked at R3, a leading financial firm, as a senior strategist. Prior to that, she worked at Bridgewater Associates, Accenture and the Wall Street Journal. Here are some of the notable companies where she has held leadership positions.

Meltem Destroyers

Currently works as Chief Strategist at Coin Shares, a digital asset investment that leads to the management of over $44 billion in investor assets. Demiror is well versed in the day-to-day operations of its New York office. She also sits on the board of directors.

Prior to joining Coin Shares, she handled the business as Vice President of Digital Currency Group, another crypto company. She is responsible for the growth of the company over the years as chief strategist.

Under his leadership, his firm exchange-traded product assets increased from $2.67 billion in June 2021 to $4.13 billion in 2022 March.

Neha Narula

An MIT graduate specializing in block technology, she is credited with creating scalable blockchain solutions while completing her PhD. at MIT.

She currently works as the Director of the Digital Currency Initiative, a research community at MIT’s Media Lab that focuses on block technology.

His development in championing blockchain-centric efforts and innovative crypto-payment systems has amazed thousands of followers over the years.

His fluent communication skills in explaining crypto and blocking technology has allowed him to speak to key audiences, including policy makers in the United States.

She has been called upon to lecture to US senators on how digital currencies work and why they should consider centralizing digital banking currencies.

She is currently working on creating a digital coin for the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, and other various financial institutions are evaluating their impact for everyday use as well.

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Yet, many female personalities are thriving in the blockchain industry. The increased involvement of women in the crypto industry has improved diversity in the sector. Moreover, many women are waiting for huge opportunities to show their skills in this industry.

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