The young TikTok entrepreneur from Randburg | Randburg Sun

A skilled interior designer and one of Randburg’s best-known TikTok entrepreneurs, Que Dlamini (25) advises the public on how to be their own Airbnb host without buying property.

Dlamini is an adventurous, liberal and social-minded entrepreneur who has caught the eye of many socially curious minds.

“I moved into my apartment in Randburg, it was really nice. Once I started furnishing it, I had friends. They were commenting on how it almost looked like a hotel and that’s when the idea germinated. So I started with my first Airbnb in the one I live in now, then I had others and it took off from there,” Dlamini said.

With her influence on TikTok, the Ferndale resident noticed how intrigued people were with her one-man business. “People want to be able to do it on their own, so I decided to let myself teach people.” Her first class had 10 participants and her most recent 100, which supported her reason for wanting to help people.

When Dlamini isn’t helping the public, she spends her time hanging out at different restaurants that have a “pretty aesthetic” that allows her to “just escape” from reality.

In conclusion, she advised, “Shoot, you’re shot for life. The worst you can get is a no, but what if you get a yes? »

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