These cool Airbnbs in Montreal will make an unforgettable bachelorette party

I don’t know when or how it happened, but bachelorette parties have become a great excuse for you and your best friends to travel and see the world. When a member of your friend crew says “yes” to forever with their significant others, your group chats are filled with messages that say, “Congratulations! And, “I’m so happy for both of you!” These texts are quickly followed by a detailed explanation of the proposal and the locations you should go to to celebrate the bride-to-be. Have you thought about those cool Airbnbs in Montreal? they would be perfect for a weekend, the bridal squad will never forget.

Think about it: Montreal is a bustling city that has been on your bucket lists and those of your best friends for quite some time now. It has a cool and trendy nightlife, plenty of historical sites to visit and restaurants with delicious French cuisine. It is a destination that you cannot imagine being bored in and where you will happily return for more shopping, biking and souvenirs.

Of course, you might not have the palm trees of the Caribbean or the colorful houses of Europe that you are concerned about as well. But it’s so designed for a weekend of confetti, relationship stories, facials, and your team of friends’ bachelorette party celebration. Plus, it has these four cool and trendy Airbnbs that will feel magical, romantic, and sweet to celebrate the bride-to-be.


This minimalist loft is so luxurious

The first of the coolest places to stay in beautiful Montreal is this minimalist and luxurious loft. It’s a short walk from the Old Port and quite close to the city center, where there are shops and restaurants galore. What more could you ask for when venturing out with your best friends? (Is beyond me!)

When you walk in you will notice that the place has been lightly decorated with neutral colored furniture and pretty plants. You will be so excited about all the places where you can hang the bachelorette party banners that say “Get married!” “

You’ll love the deep soaking tub and the space in the kitchen to whip up snacks on movie night. You put together a really good classic romantic comedy, okay?


This trendy condo has beautiful city views

If your bachelorette party is small and sweet – aka, you and the bride-to-be are venturing out together – then this trendy condo with beautiful #vues de Montréal will be the place to book. It is quite spacious, although it only allows two people, and has a balcony perfect for enjoying the sunset and enjoying a glass of wine.

You will arrive and want to lounge on the sofas and take photos with the beautiful details of the rooms. You’ll also want to explore downtown and the rest of the Quartier des spectacles, where the condo is located.

Personally, I would suggest taking at least one night to treat yourself to a fine dinner and then retreat to this cool Airbnb for a night of self-care. Pedicures, manicures and face masks? Obligatory.


This rustic condo was designed for the ‘Gram

Whether you or your best friend is the bride-to-be, it’s safe to say that you are going to be celebrating love during your weekend in Montreal. You will recount the hilarious and embarrassing first dates and kisses you may have had over the years, and think of all the happy times to come.

Especially if you stay in this rustic condo, you will be head over heels for all the beautiful things the universe brings to you. You will be breathless at the beautiful gold details of the mirrors and baskets on the coffee table, as well as the comfort of the kitchen.

You’ll likely get on the metro, check out items on your weekend to-do list like “try the snails” and “check out the Old Port”, and smile as bright as the sun. (Honestly, can I come with it?)


This cozy apartment will bring out the romance in you

Last but not least, if your bachelorette party is big enough, you will need and want to stay in this cozy apartment to Montreal. It’s so modern with its light fixtures and decor, but also very welcoming with exposed brick walls and a marble bathtub.

Full Disclosure: You might not know where to start your adventure if you book a few nights here. But don’t worry, because you will find out. As with any other trip you have taken, you will follow your detailed itinerary and also make the most of your free time. You will spend hours feasting on great food and drink, then escape to admire the skyline views or excursions you have planned.

When the trip is over, you and the rest of the bachelorette party will feel like you really celebrated the bride. Congratulations to the next one, am I right?

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