These tiny cabins two hours from New York City provide a secluded getaway

Imagine sipping your coffee in bed while looking out through a picture window to rolling hills and a dense forest, just you and yourself.

There is a new outcrop of tiny huts by Go away in Moodus, Connecticut (about a two hour drive from New York) located just outside of a historic community surrounded by towering trees. Open in December, Getaway Machimoodus has 45 new cabins on 86 acres accessible by those in the Boston and New York areas.

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Photograph: courtesy of Getaway Machimodus

Because they are so scattered, each is private and isolated. Visitors don’t even need to check-in with anyone – it’s contactless check-in and check-out to make your trip yours. Each cabin has heat, a comfortable queen-size bed, a large picture window to admire nature through, books, games, a full bathroom, a kitchenette with stove and mini-fridge as well as an outdoor fireplace for those nights you want to toast marshmallows together.

Getaway has 16 outposts with over 600 cabins across the country, as demand is always high for disconnected and nature-based travel. Its very first location, Getaway Blake Brook in Epsom, New Hampshire, has one of the highest occupancy rates of any outposts. In 2020, Getaway saw a 150% increase in year-over-year bookings and almost 100% occupancy.

“At Getaway, we believe that free time is a right that should become a ritual. Our cabins provide a space for people to honor their free time, disconnect from work and technology, and reconnect with themselves and loved ones. said Jon Staff, the founder and CEO of Getaway, said. “Now more than ever, people are looking for short and frequent nature getaways and focusing on their mental health and well-being. We look forward to bringing the Getaway experience to more people in new cities across. the country.”

The best part is that an overnight stay in one of these cabins costs as little as $ 149 depending on what time of the week you rent. You can also add a groceries kit if you want to skip the store or another themed package like the “Starry Eyes” massage kit for couples, the “Self-Discovery” kit with self-reflection tools, the “R + R “which includes aromatherapy and other relaxing elements and the” Milestone “kit which helps you celebrate a big day.

You can book it here.

Small cabins at Getaway Machimoodus
Photograph: courtesy of Getaway Machimodus

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