This Amsterdam startup vying to replace Microsoft Excel as the go-to travel planner pockets €400,000

Amsterdam-based Stippl, an all-in-one travel platform, announced on Monday that it has secured €400,000 to accelerate its global expansion with the aim of increasing the user base to more than 100,000 travelers worldwide by 2023.

Stippl had raised an additional €400,000 in December 2022.

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Generally, creating a travel plan can be tedious, including browsing countless websites to find tourist spots and hotspots, visiting various websites to book transportation and accommodation, and many more. Moreover.

This tedious and time-consuming process led Luuk Verhoeven, Omar Sheshtawy and Robin van Rijn to create Stippl in 2021.

The trio wanted to create a platform that seamlessly integrates all aspects of travel planning, from finding transportation to finding the perfect accommodation, with a user-friendly and easily shareable experience.

“Our mission is to make the process of planning a trip as enjoyable as the trip itself,” explain the founders.

Stipple App
Image credits: Stippl

What does Stippl offer?

Stippl offers travelers a platform via a website and as an app for iOS and Android to easily create, organize and edit travel itineraries.

The Dutch company says users can start by selecting travel dates and associated destinations in a “drag-and-drop” planner, which can be shared and synced with others when multiple people are planning trips.

Once the trip has been mapped out, Stippl can find and reserve suitable accommodation via, among others, and Airbnb, as well as the necessary transport via various public transport providers and airlines.

The company aims to replace Microsoft Excel as the world’s most widely used travel planner.

Besides trip planning, Stippl can be used to find activities, hotspots and hospitality spots like restaurants in chosen destinations.

The platform also provides recommendations and trips made by other Stippl users, travel influencers and an extensive selection of blogs and articles.

Thanks to Stippl, users can also copy the complete route taken by other members.

In addition to travelers, Stippl is also available for travel bloggers and influencers, hotels, and destination marketing organizations.

In addition to this group of creators, Stippl relies on partnerships with travel agencies, which still often use Excel documents, PDFs or poorly performing software to organize trips.

Since its soft launch in 2022, the platform has attracted 20,000 users.

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