This dome in the middle of nowhere is one of Texas’ most beloved Airbnbs

In Texas, an affordable out-of-grid Airbnb made the vacation rental company listing of the “most wanted” stays in the United States for the summer, and it was listed on HGTV tiny houses.

It is part of a group of stays full of enchanted treehouses and unique modern buildings. The place is called Dome Countryand it’s part of a solar-powered adobe dome, staying true to the arid vibe of its desert location ghost town of Terlingua, TX.

The building looks like it’s straight out of the arid Star Wars planet, Tatooine. Instead of seeing a Jawa or a herd of Banthas around, you’ll probably only see a few armadillos or white-tailed deer wandering around in the distance.

There is enough room for three people; however, the hosts suggest that the third guest bring their own linens or sleeping bag for the pallet sofa.

The living space is round with a double bed in the middle. The dome provides a shaded refuge from the desert elements with minimal light filtering through the beautiful mini stained glass windows.

The bed inside the dome.Airbnb

Although staying in the scorching desert during a Texas summer seems a bit daunting, the hosts have you covered.

“Summer can get hot here in the desert and although the adobe dome provides a good buffer against the outside elements, there is no AC power in the dome, just a fan,” the hosts wrote on the description of the list. “There are also perimeter windows to attract a night breeze.”

Not to mention that you can swim in the nearby pool of Terlingua Ranch Lodge, open to the public. The nearest shower is there too.

If you wish to shower during your stay, the host will need to give you $2 to use the public coin-operated showers at the lodge. Another somewhat rare amenity is the outdoor composting toilet on the property that you must use when it’s time to relieve yourself.

But all those slight inconveniences seem to vanish when night falls on the surrounding desolate land and the stars overhead shine brightly.

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