This easy new hack could help you sell your empty Airbnb Texas

A The Airbnb host has gone viral on TikTok recently, with a new hack, he discovered he was selling his rentals like crazy. He decided to remove the “cleaning fee” and increase the nightly rate. This minor tweak actually caused him to hit 100% occupancy on his various Airbnb properties.

But why?

It basically boils down to a mental game. When you look at your bill and see additional charges, it’s never pleasant. We all seem to like the transparency of the whole all-in price, with no extra surprises. Think about the different times you’ve booked a hotel online, only to arrive and pay a completely different price than you expected, due to hidden charges. It totally sucks and can definitely put a damper on your mood and your wallet.

So, does that mean you’re somehow cheating your customers? Or is it just a nifty new way to sell nights at your properties without losing money? I’ll go with the latter of the two. I don’t think it really has anything to do with ethics. It’s more simply about understanding what a customer is looking for when browsing online reservations. It seems that the less fees you have posted, the more likely they are to book your home.

Do you have any tips for renting out your Airbnb? We would love to hear about it. Leave us a comment under this article on the KFMX Facebook page if you think you know the secret of a customer’s heart!

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