This handy website helps you verify information about the Russian-Ukrainian War

In the age of robots, cyber warfare and mass disinformation, it can be increasingly difficult to tell what is true and what is not. And while fake news has been a fairly constant feature of social media over the past decade, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has really brought it back into the center of attention.

Luckily, a new website is trying to shake off the mud of falsehoods. It’s called ukrainefacts.organd is a collaborative project of the International Fact-Checking Network Signatories. The initiative brings together the work of 120 fact-checking organizations in dozens of countries around the world, all of which cover stories and images circulating not only on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok, but also on websites. news.

Take a look at and you will soon see the immense amount of misinformation circulating regarding the conflict. The untruths range from doctored images and videos to photographs taken completely out of context. The site also has a map showing which countries currently have the most misinformation about the conflict. Here is an interactive version:

The website has apparently verified over 600 things so far, ranging from claims that years-old footage of the conflict in Lebanon and Nigeria comes from Ukraine to false claims that there is a video in which the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky wore a T-shirt bearing the Nazi insignia. All of this is quite revealing, to say the least.

Want to make sure you’re not caught up in spreading misinformation? Take a look at the site here.

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