This Haunted Airbnb Near Toronto Is The Perfect Halloween Getaway

If you made haunted houses, pumpkins and horror movie marathons and now looking for another Halloween themed activity to add to your list for the spooky season, maybe a haunted getaway is in order – if you dare.

A new Airbnb listing advertised as a “Dead & Breakfast” seems like the perfect weekend from Toronto for those looking for a scare, offering an off-grid cabin in the middle of nowhere.

The cabin is perfectly Halloween themed. Photo of the Airbnb list.

“Welcome to Dead & Breakfast … Where nightmares are served instead of pancakes,” the listing reads.

“Secluded in a spooky cabin, in ten acres of forest, there is nothing to keep you company except our evil dolls. Come see how many nights you can endure. They will be waiting for you.”

The old log cabin indeed resembles all of the evil Dead Where Cabin in the woods, and is deliberately decked out with a breathtaking decor.

He also has no access to running water, heating or electricity (although 20 liters of potable water, a wood stove and a generator “if necessary” are provided), which makes him makes it quite terrifying for city dwellers not used to brutalizing him.

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The interior is just as unsettling as the exterior and is reminiscent of Evil Dead or Cabin in the Woods. Photo of the Airbnb list.

Tell spooky stories around an outdoor campfire late at night or set up a session in the rotting trash of fall – the options are endless for anyone looking for an eerie experience among the pine trees.

The stay is about a two hour drive from Toronto to the small town of Kinmount, Ontario, which is also home to a spooky old movie theater, Highland Cinemas.

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