This magical Asheville Airbnb makes you feel like you’re at the Quidditch World Cup

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There is no shortage of unique Airbnb in North Carolinaand this one comes with magical vibes.

For Harry Potter fans who dream of leaving behind the mundane details of reality and being transported to The Wizarding World, you’re in for a treat.

That Ashville Airbnb is the perfect vacation spot to pretend morning commutes are on a broomstick and paintings can move and talk. While the dishes here don’t make themselves, the stunning mountain views alone are quite magical.

Alchemy — Treehouse of Serenity overlooks the mountain range. Caroline and Mike | Airbnb

Located just ten minutes north of downtown Asheville, this tent and mud house offers guests a very unique experience. You’ll feel like you’ve woken up to the Quidditch World Cup as you rest in the accommodation overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Enter the space through a spiral slide that leads you to the warm respite of the kitchen and living room, with an oversized window and warm quirky light fixtures. A closer look at what appears to be rows of old books turns out to be your fridge!

The kitchen and living room of Alchemy u2014 Treehouse of Serenity.The kitchen and living room of Alchemy – Treehouse of Serenity. Caroline and Mike | Airbnb

The master bedroom is draped in warm-toned fabric and lined with gold-tipped flags. It seems to be straight out of a scene from the fourth installment of the series – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. For groups, the emerald green futon can be used as additional bedding.

The master bedroom of Alchemy u2014 Treehouses of Serenity. The main bedroom of Alchemy — Treehouses of Serenity.Caroline and Mike | Airbnb

The outer tent serves as another spare bedroom for guests who prefer a “glamping” style sleep setup. A colorful rug and a heater save visitors from the cold of the mountains.

Interiors of the tent at Alchemy u2014 Treehouse of Serenity.Interiors of Alchemy’s tent – Treehouse of Serenity.Caroline and Mike | Airbnb

Alchemy Treehouses of Serenity

Alchemy Treehouses of Serenity.

Alchemy Treehouses of Serenity.

Caroline and Mike | Airbnb

Price: $463+ per night

Where: Asheville, North Carolina

Why you should go: If you’re looking for a unique and enchanting place to call home for a few days, look no further.


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