This Ontario Airbnb is in the French countryside and has a lake view rooftop

You can taste a little French countryside to this enchantment Airbnb in Ontario. Located in Ramara, just hours from Toronto, Luloo Sanctuary has an old-world European vibe inside and out.

The limestone building dates from the 19th century and once served as a church. The house has three bedrooms and can accommodate seven people.

Airbnb exterior. pouneh | Airbnb

Surrounded by water and trees, it’s easy to feel like you’re in an entirely different world here, and the interior is no different.

Dining room. pouneh | Airbnb

Although the house has been updated and has many modern aspects, it still includes some of the original design, such as exposed stone walls and stained glass windows. Most rooms have a Disney castle vibe due to charming decor that echoes the past.

Lounge. pouneh | Airbnb

The adjoining bathroom has a stunning jacuzzi tub with a chandelier so you can bathe like royalty. Distressed wood, black and white tiles, and arched windows add to the story French atmosphere.

Adjoining bathroom with jacuzzi tub. pouneh | Airbnb

The rooftop patio lets you gaze at the trees while you relax with a drink, and it even has a view of the lake. There is a bungalow on the property which has another bedroom and dreamy decor.

Ground floor bedroom. pouneh | Airbnb

The patio features vine-covered walls, furniture, and a hot tub. Hidden among the trees, the Airbnb offers privacy, serenity and a little taste of yesteryear.

Outdoor seating area. pouneh | Airbnb

If you’re looking for European vibes without a plane ticket, this might be a good place to book.

Luloo Shrine

Vine covered tunnel.

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Neighbourhood: Ramara, ON

Why you need to go: This converted church is full of old-world charm and makes for a dream vacation spot.

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