This UK city has been named one of the best travel destinations in the world (again!)

Each year, Lonely Planet publishes its highly anticipated list of the best travel destinations, hand-picked by a panel of experts. Now it’s back for 2023, with 30 picks that will make you want to ditch the daily grind and travel the world for a year. But if you don’t have that much time (or money) on your hands, you might be interested to know that a rather lively British destination has emerged: Manchester.

For its 2023 roundup, the travel site has divided the planet into five categories: eat, travel, relax, connect and learn. The thriving northern city features under the ‘learn’ heading, praised for its vibrant arts scene and described as a place that ‘has grown in size and fame in recent years, metamorphosing into a brilliantly creative, proudly musical and gastronomically diverse hub “.

The city is described as “one of the best – if not the best – cities in the UK, with something for everyone”, and has been included alongside other destinations like Lima, Sydney, Montevideo, Dresden and Marseilles. Editors have praised the city’s thriving art scene, highlighting the reopening of the refurbished Manchester Museum and the recently expanded Manchester Jewish Museum, as well as the £186m International Factory place of the arts which must open in 2023. Nightlife tips include cocktails at Three Little Words or The Refuge, jazz at At Matt and Phred’s and live music at tape on the wall.

And it’s not the first time the bustling northern city has been named one of the world’s top travel destinations. Back in October National geographic named Manchester a of the most exciting and extraordinary places around the world for 2023. The publication noted that the city was an exceptional destination to visit with the family and celebrated its diverse offer of galleries and museums.

You can check out the full Lonely Planet ranking here.

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