This unusual stay in the Yorkshire Dales has been named in the 11 Dreamist Airbnb in the United Kingdom

Have you ever been so tired or drunk that you wished you could fall asleep on the train? Well, here’s a shot in the Yorkshire Dales you can sleep on.

Situated in the wonderful Yorkshire Dales, alongside the beautiful River Nidd, The Flying Yorkshireman offers an ultra-quiet and peaceful stay – something that cannot be said for Leeds station. And trust us when we say we’ve fallen asleep there many times shamefully.

Well, this Airbnb in the Yorkshire Dales has been named one of the UK’s 11 dreamiest Airbnbs for a good night’s sleep. And it’s no surprise when you wake up to these surrounding views.

If you want that luxurious glamping-style stay that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, this is the stay for you.

During this unique stay, the Flying Yorkshireman railway carriage gives you beautiful views that overlook the Nidd Valley railway line and has retained the unique theme throughout,

It’s a real quirky accommodation where you can relax in the hot tub with a glass of bubbles and then sleep in the queen size bed.

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Check out the full list of the 11 dreamiest Airbnbs below:

  1. Oak Tree Domes, Ceredigion, Wales
  2. The Crows Nest, Millbrook, Cornwall, England
  3. Foxborough Bubble Den, Portglenone, Northern Ireland
  4. Living in a Lighthouse, Winterton-on-Sea, England
  5. Sunrise Tree House, Kings Lynn, England
  6. The Harpy Houseboat, London, England
  7. The Hunting Hall Shepherd’s Hut, Berwick-upon-Tweed, England
  8. Otter Cottage, Clachnaharry, Scotland
  9. Scandi Hut, Windermere, England
  10. Flying Yorkshireman, Greenhouses, England
  11. Open plan apartment, Leicestershire, England

Its rating is 4.94 stars (127 reviews) Price*: €126/night. If you want more information, visit the website here

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