TikToker claims mold in Airbnb caused it to break out in hives

While online complaints against Airbnb are nothing new, several creators have recently taken to TikTok and Twitter to share their rental experiences with the company.

One TikTok user, @brianneinlaw, shared her experience with her long-term Airbnb rental in New York which turned out to expose her to mold. His video received over 305,000 views.

The TikToker, which has more than 12,700 subscribers on the platform, has sewn a viral video from @trevaynebxtch, a self-proclaimed “Airbnb hater” who shared his own rental horror story.

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In her video, user @brianneinlaw admits that when she arrived at the apartment, it wasn’t what she expected. She claims the building was listed as a former hotel which had been converted into studio apartments, but was still a fully functioning hotel when she checked in. She also notes that the name of the building was different from the one listed on Airbnb, and the room she was assigned was not the same as the one she had booked.

“It was an absolute shit show,” she says in the video.

The TikToker claims she told reception that things weren’t what she expected, but they said she would have to wait a few days before moving on.

“The next day I start breaking beehives,” she says. “I have hives all over my body.”

The designer then shares photos of her face and chest covered in red spots. She initially thought it was due to the towels and sheets, but after buying new ones herself, her hives did not improve.

“Tuesday is coming up, and it’s my first day as a summer associate. And I take Benadryl every four hours in addition to Advil to try to manage the hives,” she says.

A colleague suggested she check her air conditioning unit, and once she did, the TikToker found what was later confirmed to be mold. She says she contacted Airbnb and tried to contact the hotel manager to immediately replace the unit. Hours later, a maintenance guy came to fix it, but the TikToker says he claimed there was no mold on the AC unit.

“This repairman tried to convince me that this is exactly what air conditioners look like,” she says. “But I wasn’t letting him go until I got a new AC unit.”

After much perseverance with the repairman, the creator convinced him to replace the AC. As a result, she says she started feeling better that night. However, she notes that she still hasn’t been able to move into the correct room and has only received a $350 refund from Airbnb.

“On Wednesday, I will have my room changed,” she adds. “They put me in the new room, and it’s still not the right room. It’s still too small, and there’s still no desk or bedside table.

Many viewers in the comments urged the designer to file a claim with her bank or take legal action.

“Make a claim with your bank when you’re done, even if airbnb denies a refund,” one person wrote.

“Trial,” said another. “Forced on unclear terms and breach of contract. If you don’t follow, it will happen to the next person.

Others shared their own experiences with Airbnb.

“I got a rash from the sheets in an Airbnb in Colorado,” one user said.

“I also use airbnb for my summer internship and it was a PAIN!” another added.

In an update video, the TikToker clarifies that she is allergic to mold, which caused her to have hives from the AC unit. She also notes that she does not plan to take legal action, as the attorney’s fees would cost her far more than the money she could receive in damages.

She also responded to commenters who wondered why she hadn’t rented elsewhere when she realized there was a problem. The designer points out that the accommodation is incredibly Dear and hard to find in New York, noting that she doesn’t have the funds to simply move to another apartment.

User @brianneinlaw declined our request for comment and asked that her story not be covered. The Daily Dot also contacted Airbnb via email.

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*First published: June 19, 2022, 4:15 p.m. CDT

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