TikToker discovers someone living in his Airbnb without his knowledge

If you are going on vacation soon, you may want to inspect the property carefully before settling in for your stay in rental homes. A TikToker by name Malaysiah K. found out the hard way after finding out someone else was living in her Airbnb as she transitioned from Philadelphia to Atlanta.

The young woman inquired about the house as a temporary place to stay with her daughter while they looked for a house in Atlanta. She had planned to stay there for two months and had arranged with the host to reside there until they were settled.

While there, Malayiah moved back and forth between several states. Some days she spent house hunting in Atlanta, and other weeks she flew to Memphis visit his girlfriend. At one point, she even went home to Philly for her grandmother’s funeral, so she was never full-time in the rental house.

Over time, Malayiah began to notice subtle changes in the house each time she left and returned. Items left on the counter would be in a completely different place when he returned. Also, one of his iPhones is missing along with his credit card.

The TikToker, who mentioned several times in her 12-part story that she’s bad with keys, would intentionally leave the lower house lock unlocked when she left, so she only needed the keypad code. to enter. However, when he returned home, both locks would be locked.

Also, her snacks and water bottles disappeared faster than usual, and she often heard strange noises in the house even though she was home alone. One day after he returned from Memphis, all the lights in the house were turned off despite Malayiah having left them on before he left.

It all came to a head one morning as she was washing her hair in the kitchen sink and heard a loud boom upstairs.

Terrified and home alone, Malayiah began calling her friends and family, who advised her to call the police. When authorities arrived, they found no one else in the house. But what Malayiah went through was enough for her to pack up and leave.

Her dad met her at home to help her move her stuff, and during that time she started communicating with Airbnb. host to let him know what had happened. The host seemed to understand Malayiah’s situation and was concerned for her safety. She said she was not aware of anyone else residing in the house and no one except the housekeeper had the entry code.

Malayiah posted screenshots of her conversation with the host of her TikTok story. The host was out of town but sent his housekeeper to get more details about what happened. Before leaving the house for good, Malayiah walked around the house with the housekeeper and explained what she had been through.

Remembering that the house had a Ring camera, the housekeeper retrieved the footage from the front door with Malayiah and the host on FaceTime to see who exactly had been staying in the house without their knowledge.

Sure enough, on several occasions when Malayiah was out of town, there was a strange woman walking in and out the front of the house. Each time she avoided the camera so she wasn’t fully visible, but it wasn’t Malayiah! The housekeeper even noted in the video that she had already seen the woman on the front door camera even before the young woman checked in.

Although she couldn’t give more details due to an upcoming lawsuit, Malayiah’s story might definitely make you think twice about renting an Airbnb for your next getaway.

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