To stop the holidays, Airbnb prohibits customers under 25 with less than 3 positive reviews from booking accommodation

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Airbnb will ban some young American travelers from booking accommodations in their area as part of an ongoing effort to crack down on unauthorized parties.

The San Francisco-based home-sharing company said U.S. customers under the age of 25 with less than three positive Airbnb reviews would not be allowed to book entire homes close to where they live. Airbnb would not reveal how it defines what is “near”.

These guests will still be allowed to book entire homes elsewhere, and they will be allowed to book hotel rooms or private rooms in homes, the company said.

Travelers under 25 with at least three positive Airbnb reviews and no negative reviews will not be subject to the restrictions.

Airbnb has started intensify efforts to ban “party houses” last November after five people were shot dead at an unauthorized party at an Airbnb rental in Orinda, California. At the time, Airbnb set up a rapid response team to handle complaints from neighbors and began filtering out “high-risk” bookings, such as bookings to a large house for one night.

Earlier this year, Airbnb tested its new policy for young guests to Canada. The company said the policy had resulted in a “significant drop” in unauthorized house parties.

In a message to the hosts, the company said reducing unauthorized parties is an even higher priority right now as states try to avoid outbreaks of the coronavirus.

“With public health mandates in place across the country, we are taking action to support safe and responsible travel to the United States,” the company said.

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