Top Airbnb Rentals at Pismo Beach Showcase Authentic California vibes

Pismo Beach is known for its secluded nature and breathtaking cliffside beaches, but it is also known for having some of the best Airbnbs.

California is a popular destination for many travelers because of its many views of the sun, surf, and beach. The Sunshine State is known for its many attractions, from the magical world of Disneyland to the splendor of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. Pismo Beach is also a famous destination well known to travelers.

Located on the central coast, Pismo Beach is between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Car travelers and wandering tourists will enjoy the Pismo Beach Pier, Dinosaur Caves Park, and the Monarch Butterfly Grove (among other attractions).

This coastal town is perfect for travelers seeking a vacation with sights, sands, and beaches. However, no vacation is complete without a comfortable stay at a quality Airbnb. Travelers to Pismo Beach should consider booking a few nights at these Airbnbs to enjoy the California sand, surf and sun!

ten Oceano Artist Tiny House

  • Site: Océano
  • Average cost: $ 106 per night
  • Approvals: 3 people, 1 bed, 1 bathroom

This cute and cozy Airbnb is only a short drive from Pismo Beach and is perfect for up to 3 people! This “little house” does not have a stairwell – visitors must instead use a ladder to access the bedroom. This Airbnb is equipped with amenities such as a fully equipped kitchen, free parking, TV and Wi-Fi. Travelers looking for a unique and artistic stay should book a few nights at the Oceano Artist Tiny House .

9 Comfortable cabin for two

  • Site: Arroyo Grande
  • Average cost: $ 191 per night
  • Approvals: 2 people, 1 bed, 1 bathroom, swimming pool, outdoor fireplace, mountain / valley / beach view

Romantic honeymooners who book a trip to Pismo Beach need look no further; Michelle’s Cozy Cabana is only 10 miles away! This Airbnb features an outdoor pool and stunning views of the central California coast, sand dunes, and vineyards. This property is also stocked with toiletries, which is perfect for its outdoor shower! Lovebirds should book this vacation early as it is usually full year round.

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8 Boho A-Frame cabin

  • Site: Baywood-Los Osos
  • Average cost: $ 241 per night
  • Approvals: 2 people, 1 bed, 1 bathroom, bay / port view

This cabin was made for glamping enthusiasts. The Boho A-Frame cabin will allow visitors to bask in the rich scent of eucalyptus trees! The Airbnb includes a fully equipped kitchen, free parking, toiletries and a private balcony. The cabin is just minutes from Montaña de Oro State Park and Morro Bay Rock. Alternatively, romantic travelers can spend the day indoors and enjoy board games, free wifi, and a cozy fireplace!

7 It’s a shore thing

  • Site: Baywood-Los Osos
  • Average cost: $ 160 per night
  • Approvals: 4 people, 1 bedroom (2 beds), 1 bathroom

This cozy Airbnb is the travelers’ home away from home! This property is just minutes from Sea Pines Resort Golf Course and Montaña de Ora State Park, located in a quiet area of ​​Baywood-Los Osos. Pismo Beach may be a short drive away, but this Airbnb’s outstanding ratings, cleanliness, and charming accommodations make it a great place to experience the best of California!

6 Private Room with Beach View

  • Site: Pismo beach
  • Average cost: $ 128 per night
  • Approvals: 2 people, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, mountain / beach view, beach access

Solo travelers will love this peaceful private room located just outside a quiet area of ​​Pismo Heights. Travelers can be alone with their thoughts while taking in the ocean views from this Airbnb’s private balcony, enjoying the backdrop of the rolling hills. This stay is also equipped with a microwave, free parking, an outdoor shower and other toiletries for visitors. Vacationers booking a few nights in this comfortable private room are only minutes from the city (and California’s sandy beaches)!

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5 Pismo Beach Cottage Downtown

  • Site: Pismo beach
  • Average cost: $ 373 per night
  • Approvals: 4 people, 1 bedroom (2 beds), 1 bathroom

People generally think of the cottages as properties outside of the busy city; however, this Pismo Beach cottage is located in the city center of town and is only “50 steps” from the beach. This Airbnb is a perfect vacation getaway due to its proximity to grocery stores, restaurants and, most importantly, the beach! Vacationers can dip their toes in the sandy beach or hop in a rental car and drive to Edna Valley, which is just minutes away.

4 The Edna Valley Refuge

  • Site: San Luis Odispo
  • Average cost: $ 154 per night
  • Approvals: 2 people, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, beach access

This rare find is located in a private neighborhood among the vineyards of San Luis Obispo. While enjoying the serene view, Pismo Beach is just 8 km away. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood and explore the Sextant vineyards (only within walking distance)! This hideaway is perfect for introverted travelers and romantic honeymooners.

3 Guest house in the trees

  • Site: Pismo beach
  • Average cost: $ 225 per night
  • Approvals: 4 people, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom

While some travelers enjoy the ocean view, others enjoy being in the middle of the forest. Located in Pismo Heights, this guesthouse is surrounded by oak trees and local wildlife while not away from downtown Pismo Beach! This rare Airbnb stay has a fully equipped kitchen, free parking, wifi and a haven of peace near the Pismo reserve.

2 Casa de Colores

  • Site: Pismo beach
  • Average cost: $ 404 per night
  • Approvals: 6 people, 2 bedrooms (3 beds), 2 bathrooms

This quaint cottage is another rare find on Airbnb, so travelers visiting Pismo Beach should book this stay as soon as possible! Located in the heart of downtown Pismo Beach, this spacious cottage is a relaxing getaway in the heart of town, complete with a kitchen, dishwasher, comfortable backyard, and balcony. Tourists traveling with friends will surely enjoy this Airbnb stay at Pismo Beach, California.

1 Seven Sisters Condo

  • Site: Pismo beach
  • Average cost: $ 425 per night
  • Approvals: 6 people, 3 bedrooms (4 baths), 3.5 baths

The Seven Sisters Condo at Pismo Beach charms its visitors with its magnificent rooftop. Travelers who stay at this property can enjoy blustery views of Pismo Beach while being just a short walk from Pismo Pier and nearby shops. This 3 story condo has its private entrance, a parking garage and a laundry room. Tourists traveling with friends, family or newly trained travel companions can make memories at Pismo Beach while enjoying a stay at Seven Sisters Condo!

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