Top travel destinations in 2023: Next year’s top cities to visit and Airbnb’s tips for saving when booking

Airbnb’s revenue has continued to hit records since the pandemic as its user base continues to swell year after year.

The video above is from a previous Airbnb report.

2023 is shaping up to be another big year for the platform. After suspending the program during the pandemic, the platform is reinvest again in “Airbnb Experiences“, so that guests can book not only their room, but also their activities. CEO Brian Chesky recently announced changes to make Airbnb’s fee structure more transparent and reduce checkout tasks, potentially improving the platform’s overall usability.

With the top ten trending destinations for next year revealed, now is the time to plan ahead for your globetrotting odyssey. Here are the most requested cities for next year along with some tips to save on booking to get the the most value off the platform.

Best destinations 2023

Airbnb recently published its top global travel destinations for the New Year. These are based on research done this year on the platform for future 2023 check-ins.

A quick glance at the list reveals that far-flung tropical destinations are in high demand, suggesting that post-pandemic revenge travel may still entice travelers to travel extra distance to satisfy their pent-up wanderlust. Brazil, Australia and New Zealand all have several cities in the top ten. Unsurprisingly, many of these destinations offer sunny seaside landscapes.

Leading the top 10 is Málaga, on the southern coast of Spain. the Picasso’s birthplaceMalaga is filled with a kaleidoscope of ancient architectural monumentsfrom Arab fortresses to Roman theaters and from Phonecian castles to medieval cathedrals.

A significant event is the Málaga Feriaa traditional festival held in August that includes fireworks, patron saint processions, flamenco and bullfights and sees the streets packed with revelers from morning until late at night.

Travelers are also preparing to head “Down Under”. Sydney, Australia comes in second, with its scenic, surfable beaches and stunning cityscapes.

In third place is the coffee mecca, Melbourne, Australia, followed by the “City of Sails” Auckland, in neighboring New Zealand.

In fifth place is Bangkok, Thailand. Renowned for its bustling street life, exquisite temples and distinctive cuisine, the Thai capital has for many years been a popular hub for tourists to Southeast Asia. Now with the resurgence of bookings in Thailand housing occupancy rate Back from their pandemic lows, Bangkok is well and truly back on the map for 2023.

In sixth place comes Queenstown, New Zealand. A favorite for thrill seekers, this city in New Zealand’s South Island is packed with extreme sports and outdoor activities.

In seventh and eighth place are Florianópolis and Porto Seguro, two beautiful beach destinations in Brazil. In ninth place is Perth, Australia. Technically the the most isolated city in the worldPerth includes one of the largest downtown parks in the world (larger than Central Park in New York).

Finally, in tenth place is Salvador, Brazil, known for its Portuguese colonial architecture and Afro-Brazilian culture.

Saving tips

Staying in breathtaking Airbnbs can be a real treat, but the platform used to be cheaper. During the pandemic, the average Airbnb overnight stay in the United States exceeded the price of a hotel room. Nevertheless, there are several tricks that customers can use to lower this price.

New listings are a great starting point for saving money. Hosts of newly listed properties are usually desperate to get their first guests and great reviews. To make their place more appealing, they usually list it cheaply. By filtering out newly listed places, you can take advantage of those undervalued properties that are likely as good as more established places.

Extending the length of your stay is another. surefire way to get a deal. Customers can test this by extending their dates beyond a week (seven days) or a month (28 days) to see if a discount appears on the details of the reservation costs.

In addition to the length of your stay, you can time it at the time of booking to additional savings. Many hosts offer discounts for longer stays or last-minute bookings.

Negotiate with a host is another proven strategy to reduce the cost of your booking. The best way to do this is to click “Contact Host” and chat with the host. It’s best not to ask for a discount right away, but rather to develop a relationship with them and then say why you might be asking for a lower price.

Don’t forget to mention what you can offer in return, like taking better photos of the property for the host to post on the platform, or doing extra chores for them, like a bit of gardening.

Depending on how you use it, Airbnb can open new doors and transform your travel experience. The new year is full of promise for more post-pandemic travel, and travelers who make the extra effort to get out and make the most of it are sure to have unforgettable experiences.

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