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THOUSANDS have ignored Covid-19 to travel as it is one of many enjoyable activities in life for many.

With more borders reopening, thousands of people will take to the skies this year, but travel costs more, like everything else.

Last-minute trips often cost more and it’s best to plan ahead.

Leisure travel is on the rise, as is global group travel, camping vacations are making a comeback, as are multi-city flights, while blended travel – combining leisure and business travel – is also in vogue.

More and more travelers are looking for “new alternatives” instead of the usual tourist spots.

StarBiz reached out to some travelers about their travel goals this year.

According to Selina Yeop JR, ​​53, her travel goal this year is to travel to “unknown territories like Romania”.

An avid traveler and mother of three boys, she owns several businesses, including public relations and a clothing line, and is a director of a publicly traded company. Travel is now part of his life, whether for business or leisure.

“I won’t say how much I would save to travel with the reopening of the borders but I am definitely more aware of the choice of airlines given the crazy cost of plane tickets these days!

“Because of the weakness of the ringgit, I think for the same amount of money spent vacationing in Europe or the United States, I can get a more luxurious travel experience in Asia,” Selina said.

She has planned three long-haul trips and several regional trips, mostly work-related.

Unless absolutely necessary, she would not stay with relatives during the holidays.

“For short stays, I would definitely book hotels just because they are more flexible in terms of check-in or allow me to leave my luggage if I arrive at my destination, say at 7am!

“Airbnb is generally strict in terms of registration. Last year when I was in Amsterdam they didn’t allow any visitors in my accommodation and that was a shock because I had a friend who took a train from Rotterdam. see me and we could only meet in the lobby. For longer stays, I definitely prefer Airbnb,” she added.

Zuridah (pseudonym), 51, is the mother of three boys and two girls. Last year, she and her family traveled to several destinations, including Istanbul, Rome and Switzerland.

“There isn’t really a specific budget, but I would check my affordability levels before planning,” she said.

An eight-day trip with his family would cost him more than RM50,000 for a multi-city flight to two European destinations. Most of the costs are for airfare, accommodation and transportation.

“You may be able to save on these costs if you plan and book early, as it tends to get more expensive closer to the travel date.

“Of course, we would love to have another long-haul trip provided we can match our children’s college holidays. We have also planned to go on a motorhome holiday in New Zealand or on a pilgrimage (umrah) with the family.”

As for accommodations, she normally books two- and three-bedroom apartments through or Airbnb.

“I don’t think you should impose vacation costs on someone else by moving into their home on vacation. Have money to travel, otherwise stay put,” Zuraidah said.

JD, 59, who prefers to be known by her initials, is a mother of two daughters and loves big cities and hotels.

However, “if there is a relative, yes they will try to stay with it, because it cuts the cost in half,” she said.

This year, his travel goals include going to the UK and Europe in addition to one or two ASEAN destinations.

Her trip to the UK or Europe would normally cost around RM20,000-30,000 for travel, food, hotels and shopping and an additional RM6,000 each in flight costs for her family of four.

Daniel, who is not his real name, is 28 years old and single. He believes in light travel and makes last minute arrangements.

He said he was “often lucky” not to pay too much because his choice of destinations are not the tourist spots. He also prefers low-cost carriers and budget accommodations.

There are many destinations around the world to travel to, so what’s your to-do list? Would it be big cities or small towns, holidays abroad or in the country?

And do you consider the best spots such as Antarctica, Malta, Marseille in France, Fukuko in Japan, the Bhutan Trail, the Boho Islands in the Philippines or Grik, Perak or Kota Baru, Kelantan?

Wherever it is, it’s best to plan early to find the best deals.

With the pandemic lingering, some countries are abruptly changing their rules, so keep some funds set aside for contingencies while travelling.

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