Trinity County Sheriff’s Office and Texas Rangers arrest deputy on drug charges

TRINITY COUNTY, Texas (KETK) – The Trinity County Sheriff’s Office and the Texas Rangers arrested a deputy Saturday morning on drug-related charges.

Sheriff Woody Wallace said he, along with the Texas Rangers, arrested former Deputy Christopher Lima after investigating and finding he was involved in a conspiracy to commit possession of a controlled substance under $100. a gram. Wallace added that the offense was a Class A misdemeanor.

Sheriff Wallace said the investigation began after receiving a complaint from a Walker County citizen who he said sounded “very peculiar” and had a problem with it.

After receiving the complaint, Sheriff Wallace said he asked the Walker County resident to keep quiet about the incident and implicated the Texas Rangers. He let the Texas Rangers take over the investigation and said they returned Friday with a warrant for Lima’s arrest.

“This morning when Lima showed up for work, he was taken into custody,” Sheriff Wallace said. He added that if Lima is found guilty, he will be removed from law enforcement and that Lima was fired from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Wallace said he encourages all officers, especially his own, to continue to hold themselves to higher standards and that criminal behavior will not be tolerated or accepted at the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office .

“I firmly believe that there is no such thing as a bad cop. There are cops going bad and there are mean people putting on a badge and a gun. Therefore, I don’t like the term “not all cops are bad”, I’d much rather say “not all cops are good” because some cops aren’t bad. But I don’t know anyone in my profession who wanted to be a bad cop.

Woody Wallace, Trinity County Sheriff

Wallace said the investigation is still active and Lima was incarcerated in Walker County Jail.

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