Truly! This stunning Massachusetts hotel was once a Days Inn!

Sometimes renovations can really do wonders for things that could previously be considered “eye sore”. It seems that is exactly what happened to this new hotel in the area that is now unrecognizable…in the BEST way possible.

Chances are you’ve passed this new place along US Route 7 without thinking too much about what it became or what it once was. You might not realize that a place on the east side of the freeway was once a Days Inn. But now it has taken on a whole new life as one of the Berkshires’ most exquisite and luxurious hotels.

At Lenox, Life House Berkshires has brought this new look to life with new features that seem unreal. In fact, the national publication, ‘Beautiful house‘ credited the Life House Berkshires with, ‘…making New England magic with a luxurious mountain getaway…’ Take a look for yourself.

And to reiterate again, think about it, this was all once a Days Inn.

Now this is a place to come to if you just need a quick getaway or staycation! Not only is the Club Room Bar a perfect place for a drink or maybe a social gathering, but also the library inside the lobby feels like its own getaway from it all. Life House Berkshires is located at 194 Pittsfield Rd in Lenox and has a feel that is more of a resort than just a place to stay.

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