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There is good news for the industry, however, with the value of the Turkish lira falling as Scotland plans to crack down on unlicensed short-term rentals.

Here are the headlines of the national press concerning the trips of Wednesday, November 24.

Covid infections explode in Europe

The number of daily Covid cases per 100,000 in the UK now ranks behind more than 10 European countries, while the UK daily death rate from Covid is 40% lower than the EU average, according to official data. Although some European countries have lower rates than the UK, the figures rose 30% over the past week in Germany, 59% in Spain and 83% in France, compared to 8% in the UK. (Financial Times)

Markets bet on falling pound sterling

Traders have bet £ 2bn bet on a fall in the pound after the Bank of England failed to account for a widely expected interest rate hike earlier this month – this. Exchanges predicting a collapse in the pound hit their highest level since June 2020, weekly data suggests. (The Telegraph)

Turkish lira collapses due to new economic policy

Turkey’s currency plunged to 15% after President Erdogan swore an “economic war of independence” that resulted in interest rate cuts. The lira has already fallen more than 40% against the dollar this year. (The Telegraph)

US warns against travel to Germany

Americans have been advised not to travel to Germany as the country struggles to eradicate the rising number of Covid-19 cases and the death toll hovers around 100,000. The US State Department and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention advised vaccinated and unvaccinated people not to travel due to “the very high level of Covid-19 in the country”. (The I)

Scotland is considering allowing short-term rentals

Properties used for Airbnb and other forms of short-term rentals will need boards licensing under new plans. Scottish government ministers want to tackle the growth of Airbnb-style rentals in tourist areas such as Edinburgh and will ask local authorities to set requirements for the granting of permits, with uncapped fees to cover costs . (The temperature)

Ministers “lose the message” on Covid

Ministers in England have “lost the message” on Covid-19, science advisers and experts have warned as decentralized nations step up their strategies against the virus. As Northern Ireland stepped up the focus on working from home and the Scottish government acknowledged the country was in a ‘precarious’ position, English scientists warned Downing Street to take Covid ‘more seriously’. Experts believe the messages circumvented measures such as wearing masks and avoiding crowded spaces. (The independent)

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